Ami James Might Have The Worst Website Ever

Ami James, co-owner of Miami Ink, is an amazing tattoo artist. And over the course of the show, Miami Ink, he also seems to be a very good and responsible business owner. So that is why stumbling across his personal website and seeing how brutally bad it is was such a surprise!


Seriously, I don’t know if Ami himself is responsible for this, but the site is not only very ugly, but looks like it could have been made on an old Tripod hosting “make your own webpage deal. The photos are pixelated badly and some are very difficult to make out, and all of them are in a picture frame which distorts them. Even the best page on the site, which displays Ami’s tattoo work, is marred by the picture frame and bad background design. The mainpage itself is titled “index” which shows how little attention has been paid to it. There are some pages of the site other than the home page too, including a blog, which Ami has zero entries on, and a friends page as well, with you guessed it, pictures of Ami’s friends in those junky frames again.

Ami, keep your web presence on MySpace bro, this site is just plain bad. What do you guys think?