L.A. Ink Episode 2 Screencap Central

Kim is pissed that she can’t get to work…..

Kat and Hannah on the beach, two episodes, two bikini scenes….

Never seen this tattoo of Kat’s on her chin, can anyone identify it?

Pixie talks about how she wants to become a construction worker….

More of Hannah’s beautiful peacock


We still see that Oliver tattoo Kat, wonder if it will stay?


Steve-O dubbed as a “prankster”, that is about as nice of a job title as this guys deserves.


Steve-O, too high to get inked…

3 thoughts on “L.A. Ink Episode 2 Screencap Central

  1. MAN steve-o is lame. I don’t think he was just smoking pot…he acted like a junkie to me.

    and kat is SOO thin. she needs to eat a double cheeseburger stat!
    I mean she is still a great looking girl and seems sincere but she is way to thin. She looked alot better when she was on miami ink.

    Kat you need to go down to hustons on hollywood next your old tat shop (truetattoo) and get a giant bowl of chili!!!!

  2. It appears to be a cheesey spider web tattoo on Kat’s chin. She has had it since Miami ink and honestly I was disappointed to see it. To each their own though I guess.

  3. The tattoo on Kats chin is a flower, she had it done for something look at when she was drinking and partying a lot – taking shots of tequila – read her book its in there in her tattoo directory!!!

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