Kat vs. Ami, the feud continues…

I cannot say I am surprised by the latest reports involving Ami James from Miami Ink and his former employee Kat Von D. There are several reports out there saying that Ami is jealous of the success of L.A. Ink. I have to admit, I think it is allblog_jm_katvond.jpg amijames1.jpgfabrication. Ami may very well be jealous, but for him to admit this much to the press, well, that would be just plain stupid.

Unless of course, it is all “for” press of course, and this feud still has some life left in it I guess…..

Here are a few quotes from a recent article in the New York Post.

A source close to “Miami Ink” star Ami James tells us he’s “going crazy” over the fact his ex-employee, hottie Kat Von D., now has her own tattoo show, “LA Ink,” which airs before his on TLC. He’s also fuming about a huge billboard on the West Side Highway that once featured Ami, but was taken down and replaced with a huge photo of Kat. “He’s now berating his staff, the cameramen, everyone in his path,” said the source. “He is so jealous of Kat and her success it’s making him insane. He’s moody, you can’t predict how bad he’ll act on any given day.

5 thoughts on “Kat vs. Ami, the feud continues…

  1. Even though I enjoy watching both “L.A. Ink” and “Miami Ink”, I think the Miami Ink show has more substance/meaning. Which is a strange observation since the L.A. Ink format is so much like the Miami Ink show. Anyways, I guess Ami James et al. would be kinda nervous about the similarities and not the differences between the shows. And, Ami would be kinda nervous about the attention Kat is receiving. But, I wonder if “L.A. Ink” would have been “successful” if Ami James had chosen not to publicly fire Kat Von D and had chosen to firmly encourage her to quit or to go back home( e.g. California, Mexico, Argentina, ….). Anyways, I saw the Late Show with David Letterman last week and I liked his “chat” with Kat Von D. And, I definitely will continue to watch BOTH reality shows. Maybe next year, “Miami Ink” move to the ABC or NBC primetime network and will be nominated for an Emmy.

  2. I see now that someone OTHER THAN Ami himself said that Ami’s jealous. I don’t think Ami’s “going crazy” over the fact that she has a successful shop has anything to do with jealousy. In fact, I would hazzard a guess and say that it’s far more likely that he’s angry that she’s gotten so much attention by BAD-MOUTHING him and his shop. I also think the anger over his billboard being taken down pissed him off not because of jealousy but because billboards = visibility = revenue, and putting her up there instead means she’s reaping financial rewards that he no longer is from that billboard placement. I don’t think Ami has a THING to worry about with Kat’s success or failure. He was tattooing before she came along, the shop was doing well before she came along, and both he and the shop will continue now that she’s doing her own thing in L.A.

  3. Kat got the opportunity to showcase her talent on her very own show – she has single handedly taken this opportunity to showcase her child like behavior and turn the show into everything except about her talent – lets see how stupid Kat can act this week and annoy her coworkers! How much can she drink?? I can think of two artists on her show that are so more deserving of a show and they wouldn’t blow it with their spandex circus acts. Go Ami!!! Miss you!

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  5. Well, as Ami stopped the show at least 1 year after LA Ink started, it must speak of something that the rumour could be true.

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