L.A. Ink Episode 6 Recap & Review with pics….



Corey’s Vasectomy

Is anyone else out there sick of these horrible and annoying subplots? I love the ink on the show and even like some of the clients stories and stuff, but the subplots are really bad, and getting worse! I mean c’mon, Corey debating a vasectomy? I know it was real, but did it really need to happen on camera and while the show was filming? And even worse is the Pixie situation. So, you think that you are getting fired? What? Fired from being the pseudo shop manager who is only there while the show is filming?

Ok, my rant is over. However, we are feeling a bit lazy this week, so the rating are going by the wayside. Just the art this week folks.


Kat – Monster Head Pin Up


Corey – Owl In Tree Arm Piece


Kat – Father Portrait Piece


Kim – Breast Cancer Ribbon Piece


Kim – Japanese Fighting Fish


Nikko – Pixie Acia Portrait On Kat


5 thoughts on “L.A. Ink Episode 6 Recap & Review with pics….

  1. This show rocks. I have been wanting to get another tat and on this episode when I saw the pink ribbon tattoo, I knew that was what I wanted. I am a 3 year survivor. I called my guy here and told him about it. He sketched one up for me and I got it Friday night. This show is so much better than Miami Ink. I look forward to every Tuesday night.

  2. I think your shop is one of the best places I have ever seen. I watched all of Miami Ink episodes from the beginning. Its awesome how much you have accomplished since then. Your crew is so unique and different, Its nice showing the world that the perception of tattoos is life journeys and explorations, and not just criticism. I was so thrilled that you were able to start your own shop. Your episodes on tv are so amazing and uplifting. I hope to be able to get a tattoo at your shop with my mom one of these days. Ive just recently moved in with her to take care of her. She has a lot of health problems, and it would be an honor to both get work done there together. The detailing and different fields of expertese you all have is truly a gift. Keep up the good work, and cant wait to see future shows.

  3. i love this show and i have finally found the beauty queen tattoo that i have been looking for for ages!!!! Wahooo! yeah, its really helped me as i aspire to be a tattoo artsist, but i doubt i will ever be as good as these guys! Rock on you guys!!!

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