L.A. Ink Episode 10 Recap – Kat’s In Love

Another week and another one without the benefit of screencaps for the ink. I have to apologize because it appears that now TLC has taken L.A. Ink off of their full episode player, I have an email in to them asking why but no response so far. Well, just in case you missed Episode 10 last week, you can still view it here now, all through the wonders of YouTube. So, check out the episode below, Kat’s In Love.

Part 1

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/5Acmy9VKo20" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Part 2

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/hZLo-9Z8Sj8" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

The rest of the episode available by clicking the read more link…….

Part 3

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/4TmXMGUyxAM" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Part 4

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/2vGN_S3OBZI" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Part 5

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/g7YdheOn8H4" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

2 thoughts on “L.A. Ink Episode 10 Recap – Kat’s In Love

  1. Hey Hannah reminds me of Bebe Nuewirth she was on Cheers back in the day and besides here eye color Hannah must be related to her…..

    Keep up the great work ladies I will come grab a tat in Jan 08

  2. I really liked the tattoo one of them did of a nautical compass. Does anyone know where I could find a picture of it? Thanks!

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