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Pixie Acia Loves Her Dogs


Pixie Acia of L.A. Ink recently did an interview with the website Celebrity Dog Watcher about here very own pets, here are a few excerpts from the interview, be sure to check it out for yourself by following this link.

Pixie – I currently have two of the cutest pit bull girls in the world! Cupcake… she is my heart, I adopted her about 2 1/2 years ago from Karma Rescue, right here in Los Angeles. She was just a baby. She loves to play ball and loves even more when I bite on the side of her face!! Chopper…. she is my soul, my boyfriend rescued her from the streets of Hollywood when she was just a tiny peanut almost 2 years ago.

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Kat Von D Won’t Strip For Playboy

Ran across the lates issue of Steppin Out Magazine earlier this month and Kat Von D is not only has the cover, but revealskat11.jpg some interesting details inside the interview inside the magazine. Here are some quotes from Kat about her relationship with her old castmates at Miami Ink, and why she turned down Playboy magazine.

I have a dad and I couldn’t imagine him even hearing about something like that, “Even though I look pretty wild, deep down inside, I’m very conservative and shy.”

“When Playboy approached me to do something with them, that’s when I started to realize I was having an impact,” she said. “I feel like I’m in a different world now. I’m used to being the tattooed reject, I guess you could say. It’s a lot different now.”

And on the current status with the Miami Ink boys….

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London Ink Hits U.S. Shores Next Tuesday


Just when I think TLC has really lost it, with the cancellation of Tattoo Wars and all, they go ahead and redeem themselves a bit. Last night while watching Miami Ink, viewers were bombarded with probably 4 or 5 commericials for London Ink which sees its stateside debut next Tuesday on TLC at 8pm est.

I really hope this takes off, chances are that it will not however. The artists are overall not as good in my opinion, and they do not tie in the whole client storyline like L.A. and Miami have always done. But man, I love this show, and hope that we get to see more than the first 6 episodes that have already aired on Discovery Real Time.

So be sure to check out the first episode next Tuesday on TLC at 8pm!

In the meantime, check out this video of one of the artists, Dan Gold, talking about his “tribe”….

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Garver Does Sneakers For J. Fishkicks collection


Got an extra couple grand laying around? Need some new shoes? Well then the line of super duper, mega expensive kicks from J. Fishkicks might be right up you alley. Don’t have that much for shoes? Yeah, me either, but it is worth a mention here since Miami Ink’s most talented artist Chris Garver is putting his name and ability on a pair of sneakers for the new line. Garver, Nunez, and Darren were all in attendance, (and photographed above) for the grand opening party held by Jason Fishbein, owner and creator of J. Fishkicks for his new shoe boutique, Sobe.

According to the Miami New Times, Garver did a custom inkish design for his pair of sneakers, and the price tag is set at $2,700 for the shoes. Which you probably would never wear, but rather frame for that amount.

No pictures of the new shoes that I can find yet, drop us a line if you see one….

Kat At Victorias Secret Runway Show, Wearing What?


Kat Von D takes some time off from the bright lights of L.A. Ink recently to show up at the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show. She brings “Orbi” of course, and I have to ask, what the hell is she wearing? Maybe I should ask an expert before tossing my opinion out there but come on!

I’m not surprised by the leather vest, she seems to turn up in that one all the time, but is she colorblind? I think those pants came from the remnants of a hot air balloon or something.

More pics after the jump….

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Tattoo Wars Already Cancelled?

Could it be? That one of the newest and possibly best tattoo shows on the television has already been pulled from TLC’stattoowars1.gif plans? Well, that is the rumor that is spreading right now as TLC has pulled the show and it’s listings from their website.

Karen Hudson reports this in her column at About….

“And I heard about the cancellation from a reliable source – Greg Ashcraft of Skinworx in Bessember, Alabama, was set to have a commercial air during episodes of Tattoo Wars. He posted this bulletin on MySpace the other day: “I had a commercial airing during Tattoo Wars and Empire Publishing Co. just called and TLC is pulling the show off the air.”

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Ami And Nuà±ez continue Love Hate relationship with TLC


Reality television stars Ami James and Chris Nuà±ez are in the news this week with a real issue. The Miami Ink shop owners own the shop that they tattoo out of for the wildly successful TLC show but do not own the name, “Miami Ink”. The shop was formerly known as 305 Ink until executives insisted that James and Nuà±ez rebrand their shop after the TLC network title.

This left the duo without the possibility of additional branding and licensing deals like the ones the guys from West Coast Choppers got from Wal-Mart since they owned the shop name. So in an effort to avoid a swift fall from the public eye and from the consistent flow of cash that can happen when a network decides a show is not in their interests anymore, Ami and Nuà±ez have recently decided to open Love Hate tattoo’s just a few doors down from the current Miami Ink locale on Washington Avenue.

Here is a excerpt from a recent Miami Herald story that gives some more insight to the new arrangement….

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Kat Von D For Jones Soda

Kat is the first of a few new Jones Soda spokespeople in this little You Tube clip, check out Kat and her love for her cat Ludwig. I’m betting that has something to do with the Jones Soda cooler in the High Voltage shop….

The clip also features Chanelle Sladics, Benji Weatherly, and Sayler McBean.

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Kat Von D’s Hand Painted Skateboard On Ebay Now

You probably remember that a few episodes ago on L.A. Ink Kat and legendary skater Wes “Bulldog” Humpstonskateboard.jpg collaborated artistically on a skateboard design for charity. The charity is the Tony Hawk Foundation, and the skateboard they did the work on is now up on Ebay for auction. The price is already well over 3k as of right now, and should at least double in the remaining three days the auction has left.

Below, check out both of the videos which show the episode where Kat and Wes create the skateboard design and get to know each other. And be sure to head over to the auction as well and maybe even bid if you have the cash to spare, it is for a good cause.

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London Ink Episode 4 Recap


Trying to catch up a bit here with London Ink. Today we have Episode 4 (of 6) to focus in on. The London crew starts things off as Louis takes on a piece for Sophie in the first segment which will be a part of her burlesque act. The piece is done on both of her calves and it really turns out amazing. As annoying and hard to watch as Louis can be, he is an impressive artist.

The shop wild card, Dan Gold, tattoos his friend and former apprentice Tom for a stained glass piece. They get along great and have alot of fun together, which of course pisses Louis off to no end. I swear Louis feels like he is babysitting this crew of artists most of the time. It comes off pretty harshly and I am actually surprised at how much Dan takes from him.

Part 1

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The next part of the episode shows Phil consulting with David, a American businessman who wants his first tattoo to be a horrible looking anchor. I mean horrid. Phil fights him on it quite a bit, as he should have, and draws a far superior piece up for him, which David rejects. Dan also gets some stained glass inspiration and finally begins on Toms back piece.

Part 2

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