Tattoo Wars Already Cancelled?

Could it be? That one of the newest and possibly best tattoo shows on the television has already been pulled from TLC’stattoowars1.gif plans? Well, that is the rumor that is spreading right now as TLC has pulled the show and it’s listings from their website.

Karen Hudson reports this in her column at About….

“And I heard about the cancellation from a reliable source – Greg Ashcraft of Skinworx in Bessember, Alabama, was set to have a commercial air during episodes of Tattoo Wars. He posted this bulletin on MySpace the other day: “I had a commercial airing during Tattoo Wars and Empire Publishing Co. just called and TLC is pulling the show off the air.”

This would obviously suck. We were just starting to really appreciate the show. Well, we did recap Episode 1 and Episode 2 and plan to do the same for the other shows that have already aired, but it appears that once that is done, so is Tattoo Wars.

3 thoughts on “Tattoo Wars Already Cancelled?

  1. TLC,TLC,TLC… Shame on YOU. Maybe you should cancel a show like… Trading spaces. It has no touchy feely sob stories behind it… Oh Just Wait. Then you wouldn’t get all that money from Home Depot because people watch that show then… hey let’s fix up our house… Let’s go to Home Depot… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ = happy TLC.

    Aren’t you the… The leading global real-world media and entertainment company.

  2. ugh lame. seth cifierri was just on nov. 15th. he’s pretty amazing. he was Phil Kyle’s (London Ink status) mentor. he lost but he should have won.

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