Garver Does Sneakers For J. Fishkicks collection


Got an extra couple grand laying around? Need some new shoes? Well then the line of super duper, mega expensive kicks from J. Fishkicks might be right up you alley. Don’t have that much for shoes? Yeah, me either, but it is worth a mention here since Miami Ink’s most talented artist Chris Garver is putting his name and ability on a pair of sneakers for the new line. Garver, Nunez, and Darren were all in attendance, (and photographed above) for the grand opening party held by Jason Fishbein, owner and creator of J. Fishkicks for his new shoe boutique, Sobe.

According to the Miami New Times, Garver did a custom inkish design for his pair of sneakers, and the price tag is set at $2,700 for the shoes. Which you probably would never wear, but rather frame for that amount.

No pictures of the new shoes that I can find yet, drop us a line if you see one….