Kat Von D Signs Book Deal?

Please please please tell me this rumor is only a rumor. Well, still hard to say for sure, but I just read some news that Katkat1.jpg will be releasing a book sometime in 2008, here are the juicy details we heard from the always reliable folks over at Gawker.

Tattoo artist and LA Ink star Kat Von D’s high voltage book about the world of tattooing, to Elizabeth Sullivan at Collins Design, by Rebecca Oliver at Endeavor…

Well, I guess I can hardly blame her, I mean, talk about striking while the iron is hot. I cannot see Kat’s current celebrity rising much higher than it currently has, so why not do things like go after Guiness world records, sell stuff on Ebay, do loads of celebrity appearances and write a book? I mean, why not, right?

So, what should the title be kids?

I know you have some good ideas, don’t keep them to yourself…..