Miami Ink & L.A. Ink Among Top 20 Shops To Get Inked

I recently came across a site listing their Top 20 Most Famous Tattoo Parlours to get inked at this week. And of no surprise, included in this listing, in the “celebrity section” is High Voltage Hollywood, site of L.A. Ink, and Miami Ink as well. Here is what they had to say about the two shops.

High Voltage Tattoo: TLC’s LA Ink has introduced the rest of the world into the wild and crazy world of the Los Angeles tattoo industry. Unique, upbeat cast members like Kat Von D, who boasts nearly half a million MySpace friends and followers, let the world watch while they ink all kinds of clients, including celebrities. During filming of the show, however, the shop is open during very limited times, so check out their website before you go.

Miami Ink: Before there was LA Ink, there was Miami Ink, also known as 305 Ink. Kat Von D’s appearance on TLC’s reality show started out in Miami, before she headed out West and took the camera crews with her. Miami Ink owners Chris Nunez and Ami James also own the Love Hate Lounge in South Beach.

Check out the full listing and article here.

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  1. Just thought readers might like to know:

    Miami’s Chris Nuà±ez, will be making an appearance at a Dallas AT&T Experience Store

    Come and meet tattoo artist Chris Nuà±ez from Miami, at the new Park Lane AT&T Experience Store on 9100 N. Central Expressway Dallas, TX. This special appearance and autograph session will take place on Saturday, January 26th from 2-4pm.

    Everyone who attends has the chance to receive a free T-shirt, bumper sticker and download card with exclusive content from Chris Nuà±ez. There will also be AT&T exclusive phone offers as well as commemorative Gifts with purchase available during the appearance as well.

    9100 N. Central Expressway
    Dallas, TX 75231

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