Kat Von D Responds To Anti-Semitic Controversy


Some big time drama recently surrounding Kat Von D and Ami James. Apparently, Ami received the photo above recently. Kat was notified not long afterwards, and in addition to this short video that was on TMZ, he gave a lengthy explanation on her myspace page. Here are a couple quotes.

For quite some time, on my personal website, I had a section for “Autograph Requests”. At any time, ANYONE could go on there, type in their name and mailing address, and my assistant and I would send you an 8×10 photograph of me signed, free of charge.
Honestly, we started getting an average about 2,000 per day, and couldn’t keep up, so we took that option down. Now, when people send us gifts to the shop, fan art, or write us from jail, we send out an autographed 8×10, usually personalized as a gesture of thanks and appreciation. Anyone, could get their hands on one of these 8x10s.

Unfortunately, one of these 8×10’s got in the hands of an evil, insecure, and spiteful person, who thought it would be a good idea to FORGE this kind of trash.

For those of you that HAVE received signed 8×10’s from me in the past, you can CLEARLY see that this is a slanderous case of FORGERY, FRAUD, and attempt at getting attention.

I think she is telling the truth, but even so, she cannot resist taking a shot at Ami anyway…..

I worked at Miami Ink for quite some time, before friction began between Ami (the owner) and I started, all of which was fueled by insecurity, jealousy, and lack of work ethic, ALL ON HIS PART. After endless counts of trying to make it work, it was clear that shit wasn’t working out, and we all decided it was best to go our ways. I guess the old saying is true, “You can’t shake hands with a fist.”

I still don’t think you are racist Kat, but damn, you do hate Ami…..