Steve-O Says Kat Von D Is Anti-Semitic, And A Liar


Major drama going on right now between Kat Von D and her former boyfriend Steve-O of Jackass fame. And in typical fashion, it is all being aired out in public on Myspace. Steve O posted this texting conversation this week…..

Kat Von D’s Lies Catch Up To Her…

Steve-O To Kat: Were you really saying that you wanted off my list? And why’d you delete Orbi and make Nikki
such a big deal?

Changing your e-mail address will only serve to admit guilt and shame of your anti-semetic accusations.
Nobody on Earth thinks Garver is a liar, if you want out of this situation, you have to make good with Garver– for He is the only man that can clear your name. Sueing won’t help you either– you must prosecute in the court of public opinion, with Garver
as your witness… Or…

Let me try to finish “cleaning out my closet”– I travelled to roughly sixteen countries with Carolla, and got him laid in just about every one of them. He is not a Good person, but, he is not a liar, either. You fu**ed Carolla (when you were married), isn’t that
right, Carolla? People who lie get punished, in mysterious ways…

Kat: steve, just got your texts. I can’t believe you’d say some of that stuff. Nice knowin you.

At least I’m not a liar. Good luck with doing more of that. Liar.

Don’t bother crying to Nikki over the fact that I’m honest. He doesn’t like liars either, and your panties
get to easily twisted up in a bitchy, mad-for-no-reason bunch for you to last so much as three weeks with him.

Kat; wrong you. Nikki is a friend. That’s it. Please stop texting me these mean messages.

Steve-O: Sorry for my poor grammar. I had to clean out my closet. Why’d you delete Orbi. Why’d you let your
publicist go to the tabloids with “kat dumps steve-o” (only for you to wind up with “steve-o dumped by tattoo artist), why’d you sweep that hate message under the rug for eight months instead of get GOOD press out of SQUASHING IT IF YOU DIDN’T WRITE IT?

Kat: Dude. Enough of this bullshit. My publicist did NOT say anything about our break up. They got that
shit from someone on YOUR end. Don’t put that shit on me. I was the one that wanted to keep everything private. And you know that! I’m not gonna take blame for shit I didn’t do. NOW, PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE.

Steve-O: I don’t have a publicist. And nobody on my end would fu** with me like that. My advice is to ask
Garver to pull your career out of the fire. He’s the only one who can, and he’s not a liar. Good luck. Game over.

and ps. My career is not on fire.

Right, it’s not “on fire”, it’s “cooling down” quick…


Steve-O: Two words. DANNY WAY…

Nowhere in that correspondence did Kat deny that she did, in fact, write that hateful message, and hand it, herself, to Chris Garver. She cheated on her husband with me, Bam, Carolla, Ville Vallo, my friend, Bryan Gillooly, and God-only-knows who else. And she’s on record lying about alot of things. I don’t care, I’ve moved on now. I’m a happily married Family Man….


Our thoughts…..

Not that we trust Steve-O, but this seems pretty bad for Kat. The argument could easily be made that Steve is just jealous after Kat kicked him to the curb and sees an oppotunity (the anti-semetic slur photo) to try and slime Kat a bit.

But I do find it alarming that she does not deny anything he says other than the PR issues with her publicist. And Garver as the guy who apparently could clear her name, but hasn’t? Hmmmm…..What are your thoughts?