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Looks like Kat has burned yet another bridge. Or maybe this one was burnt down for her. Pixie Acia appears to be leaving High Voltage Hollywood, like for real. Kat lays things out on Myspace this week, and warns of this weeks episode where it all goes down. The official episode is titled “The Worst Day Ever” and here is the description….

When the artists get fed up with Pixie’s bad work habits, the fireworks fly forcing Kat to make a tough decision about Pixie’s future as shop manager.As things quickly spiral out of control, Kat tries her best to keep the arguing away from the clients.

The episode airs tomorrow night at 10pm ET on TLC.


Read some excerpts from Kat’s myspace post after the jump…..


Seems like this situation has been coming for quite some time…

I gotta be honest… I’m a good friend, a good coworker, and sister, but man.. I know my weaknesses, and being a boss ain’t as easy as it looks… In one second that an argument between Kim and Pixie took place.. i realized I had no control over the situation at hand… none. I dont think I’ve ever felt like a helpless little kid as much as I did that day.

But if I knew that hiring Pixie from Day One, would evolve into a gnarly fight, I probably wouldn’t have hired her, since situations like these can cause you to fall out of freindships with people. But that shit DID happen. It was real

I just wanna warn everyone ahead of time, if you guys watch the show, and are planning on checking it out
this week. Because the episode coming up, might bum some of you out.

19 thoughts on “Pixie Leaving L.A. Ink

  1. Well that sucks…Pixie was the only reason I kept watching the show.Well so much for that.

  2. Ok…so the true Kat kiss of death is when she tattoo’s you on her… Oliver, Pixie, Orbi

    Poor Pix should have known she would be in trouble when Kat got the big colored tat done.

    Either way they are both interesting characters and perhaps off TV they can manage to hold onto their friendship.

  3. Strange, as they are painting a mural on the back of LA Ink (I live 1 block away) and it appears Pixies face is on the mural. But based on what I have seen most of the backstories of the staff is made up for TV. The shop is run mostly by the B-Team (you never see them). Katt and the rest are there only for filming days, then they tend to go off to their on homes. So the shop is doing fine, tons of tourists are outside all the time. They just don’t get to see the gang unless there is filming going on…and then it is by paid invite only (you have to pay money to be on the show…just look at the website to get on.) So no worries, all is good in the show. Just fake drama.

  4. Not sure this made it on as I posted and the site just defaulted back to the imput screen (bad design mr. webmaster).

    So anyway I live a one block away and it appears Pixies face is included in the Mural they are currently painting on the back of the store.

    But I wouldn’t worry too much about Pixie. You see the stories on the characters and their life seems to be made up. The store is run by the B-Team (you never see them on TV) and the only time the TV Cast shows up is for filming and then you only see them if you have paid to be on the show and get a tattoo. Otherwise they don’t seem to actually work as tattoo artists at the store. The cast just goes to their own prospective homes / shops across the country when they are not shooting. They show up for a week at a time and then dissapear for another week or two and repeat it all over again.

    So don’t worry, all is well in this reality tv land.

  5. If Pixie wasn’t keeping up with her responsibilities there were probably more constructive ways Kat should have addressed them. I don’t know Kim (obviously) but she doesn’t seem very nice. If we look back to the episode she went speed dating, she was totally rude, and was insulting to the real daters…I am also surprised that Kat didn’t have a problem with Kim using her name.
    Pixie shouldn’t have lost her cool, and (mildly) threatened Kim, but the meaning behind what Pixie said was obviously true!
    It’s too bad, cause we have watched the fame go to some of their heads, and the show has really gone downhill because of it.
    Good luck Pixie! (and if you had been an artist you would have been treated differently…Kat probably never would have called you out publicly like that in the first place.)

  6. LAME. she was the only watchable character on the show.TLC will regret this decision. I think she left because of all the attention she was getting. she seems like a sweetheart. not that i know anything for all i know she could be as bad as Kat Von Dumbass. i really doubt anything on that show is for real. i mean remember when kat got “fired” from miami ink? oh wait thats right she all ready had a deal to do another spin off in her hometown. that show is about as real as Pam Anderson’s tits are real or Jenna Jameson’s vag is intact. kat should fall into San Andreas Fault and be stranded with all the rest of hollywood and it will turn into Lord of the Flies-type senerio. Kats such a bleeding heart that she’ll will be the next Piggy.

  7. I think everyone came off bad in this episode.

    Kat = immature “boss” who gets the news from Kim and immediatly goes out and starts picking apart Pixie. Then when things get heated she says things like “if you guys arent friends, I mean we should try and work this out”, and “I really did not want it to come to this”.

    Pixie = obviously wrong in this case because she has not done her job. Her total lack of confidence and self esteem are obvious as she constant says she is “expendable”.

    Kim = I did not know she had it in her! Wow. She did come off as a bit of a bitch though it was probably all true.

  8. Pixie is very heavily into working with rescue shelters for pit bulls. I think that her interests have moved elsewhere, and she wanted out. TLC LOVES fake drama in cases like this, so it may be a set-up. As far as Kat and Pixie’s relationship, that has been played out as going downhill for several episodes, so quite possibly there may be a spark of truth there. (Kat insulted Pixie quite seriously during the record breaking epi, calling her out for not accepting the LA tattoo,saying she has “so many ugly tattoos already”.) Not what you say about a friend, IMHO. (Fake or not, you don’t put down people you call friends on national TV) I think that this may be the SMARTEST move Pixie could have made…getting OFF the Kat VonD TRAINWRECK!!!I wish her well in whatever she goes on to do in her new life away from the cameras.

  9. Real or not real, may be the question, but if a situation like this was to occur for real, I think Corey had one good handling technique: when Pixie didn’t do her job for him, he didn’t pay. If she came around to doing her job, he’d have to pay. No drama. Very black and white, but simple.

  10. The whole Pixie shop manager job’ thing was great, in the beginning (season 1), especially when she helped Kat Von D with the opening of the tattoo shop. But I really didn’t see Pixie doing managerial stuff e.g. overseeing store operations, supervising employees or developing successful sales plans to grow the shop’s profitability, or whatever, etc.; At L.A. Ink’, the crew expected her to be a kind of assistant/receptionist. In some ways, I think her role was similar to Yoji’s apprentice role at Miami Ink’ (e.g. both Pixie and Yoji earned their wages via tips’ from the tattooists). Now the Miami Ink’ crew has hired a shop manager—Baby Dre. Before she was hired, there wasn’t a shop manager’, so it will be interesting to see Baby Dre’s, Yoji’s, Ami’s et al. responsibilities when season 4 premieres in April. Anyways, I know that Pixie will be missed by her fans and that Kim Saigh also posted her comments, about the episode, at her myspace site.

  11. It doesn’t surprise me. The team talked down to Pixie numerous times in past episodes. To viewers this is not under the bridge Kat! Explain why Kat says she’s one of her closest friends and never been to her house???? Not my kind of friend. You could see the sadness in Pixie. She obviously doesn’t have the tattoo skills, but was still important to the show and team–for whatever reason she left–big mistake for the show!! Enough drama–I want to see a tattoo show. Kat blew off Pixie for her tattoo removal and has made fun of her tattoos too. Either way a crappy ending for viewers. I have lost respect for the crew on the show (MAINLY KIM). They should have talked calmly with her one on one. Kim was a **TCH for it and if she is an INK GIRL why not have her other arm tattooed? Enough of all the fluff——-I’ll go back to watching Miami Ink where guys don’t deal with this kind of backstabbing. Sorry, but it’s true and not what I want to see—–just show me the tattoo work and if you backstab your girlfriends Kat and Kim eventually there will be on one left when you need a shoulder to cry on———from a Chicago girl

  12. I was sad to see pixie go, but was pleased to see Kat stand up for Herself, after all she is the Boss, and gave Pixie every chance to change her attitude, but to no avail, and then to come across and find herself in the middle of an argument in the store in front of Customers, well that was to much, she had to go!
    There was no coming back from that, I hope they can work things out, but it will be hard to mend those fences. Bob Williams

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  14. I was sad to see Pixie go, but not that surprised, given how b*tchy Kat had been since Pixie took that week off. I already thought Kat was full of Sh** for that, since when she was working on Miami Ink she was often HOURS late for appointments, hungover, etc. Corey was in charge and Pixie told him. If you put someone “in charge” they should be “in charge”, therefore, Pixie fulfilled her obligation by telling Corey and Kat was just a hypocrite. I mostly liked Kat when she was on Miami Ink, but since coming back to LA, she’s really shown what kind of person she is. Like when Pixie had her surgery and Kat was not among the group that went to her house to see how she was? Closest friend? Hardly.

  15. I think the way Pixie was treated when working in High Voltage (LA Ink) was disgraceful, however the writing was on the wall from the get go. If you watch the episode where Kat first asks Pixie to be shop Manager, Corey makes a comment like “Oh you’ll be the prettiest helper I’ve ever had”, sorry, but since when did Shop Manager = helper (or more accurately in Pixie’s case, skivvy).
    I agree with Ange, if Pixie had been one of the tattoo artists, she would have been treated with more respect. Pixie was ostracised by the Tat artists, and it really, this brought home that even the people claiming to stand up against stigmatisation and social hierarchy, engage in both these practices whether they are conscious of it or not, talk about hypocrites.
    Bring back the Miami Ink boys at least they’re not up their own arses, they just are what they are, no hidden agendas.

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