Kat To Fans : Name My Book!


Remember back when you told you that Kat Von D was writing a book? Well it appears to be true, sorta. Here is what Kat recently had to say about the making of the book. Kat checks in on dear diary myspace with the details.

This book is in no way a biography or anything… I know it seems like everyone and their mothers have been coming out with biographies lately and I for one think I have a little bit of living and learning left to do before I am in any way ready for a book like that!

My book can be best described as a pictorial timeline of my life thus far as an artist.

And even though this is not a literay expedition by any strech, ole Kat has a severe case of writers block!

After all is said and done, the hardest part of this book will be coming up with a goddamn title!! AAAHhhhhh! I think ANYTHING but the words “Kat Von D” would make a cool title…

what do you guys think?
any ideas?

I thought maybe the words: “The World of High Voltage Tattooing”, or maybe “Tattoo Your Soul” in Old English would look cool on the cover of a book… but I don’t know…

I am all out of ideas, but please do not name it Tattoo Your Soul, please!