Kat Von D – Bizarre Magazine Cover Girl – Interview


Kat recently did a cover shoot and interview for the UK magazine Bizarre. I cannot say I would ever have a desire to pick this up, so check out a few excerpts from the interview right here….

Bizarre – You have almost ten tattoos of your recent ex, Orbie’s name. Are you going to cover them up or change them?

Kat – Change them to Morbid’, duh. No, I I’ll keep them. My first tattoo was an Olde English J’ on my ankle for my first love, James, and I’d never cover that shit up. I have lots of people’s names on me and it’s not so much like, “Oh, I’m gonna regret my ex-husband’s name on my neck,” it’s more like a time in my life that I don’t regret. I don’t regret my divorce either. I’ll rock it forever.

Bizarre – (Margera) told me a story about you throwing glasses at Metal Skool [Local LA faux-hair metal band that plays The Viper].
Kat – Yeah, he always puts that in my face and it pisses me off because it’s not like he hasn’t pissed on the floor when he’s sleeping at my house. God! I was drunk and I used to drink a lot of vodka and at the time I was married and was working out and had lost a lot of weight and I’d be drinking full glasses of vodka. Just pound them and throw them into the crowd from the mezzanine. One time I threw a glass into the crowd and my wedding ring flew into the crowd. My husband was on Warped Tour for two months and told myself I had 2 months to buy a new wedding ring but I procrastinated and never got one and got busted.

It gets worse…..only read on if you don’t mind some crap language.

Bizarre – What has been the worst part of this mainstream notoriety?

Kat – The worst part has been how much respect I’ve lost in the tattoo world. It doesn’t matter how hard I try there are always going to be people that hate me and what I do. The majority of it is the tattoo industry having the wrong idea about what I’m driven by, thinking I’m making a mockery of tattooing. All the hard work I’ve put in over the years to gain that respect went out the window now that I’m on TV.

Bizarre – Do you ever get into your pyjamas and do dances of joy on your bed when you get the ratings for your show back?
Kat – Ha. No, I don’t jump around and dance. As long as the overall ratings say we’re doing good, that’s what’s important. I’m definitely not driven by competition. I didn’t get my own show to say, “Fuck you,” to Miami. Deep down inside I wish them the best.

Bizarre – No you don’t.
Kat – Yeah, I do. I don’t want their show to do better than my show but I don’t wish them any harm. But I do know our rating got triple of what theirs ever got.

Bizarre – But you’re not counting.
Kat – No. But the three months prior to the premiere I was super depressed because I worked my ass off and then they didn’t air the show right away but it finally aired and my agent called and said, “Kat, you’re the most watched show for your time slot and you have triple the amount of viewers Miami Ink ever had.” It wasn’t even so much a fuck you to Ami, it was more like all that depression was worth something.

Bizarre – And you made something good. It’s fun to watch. Miami Ink was always…
Kat – …Monotonous and repetitive. The guys weren’t willing to involve their real life in the show so everything was so forced and produced. Whereas I promised myself, aside from my divorce, I would talk about anything. People can relate to you more when you’re real and open and show your imperfections. Our show is more rock n roll and fun and honest. I don’t have any control over what is edited and there is definitely some footage out there where I’m wasted out of my mind, crying and really talking about gnarly shit. Thank God they didn’t use it. But they had the option to.

The interview is mostly excplict and raunchy, and I would guess the mag itself is worse, view the online version here if you dare…..