Miami Ink Calls It Quits, Ami Vows Never To Work With TLC Again


After nearly three full years of Reality Ink in Miami. The “stars” of the hit reality TV show are calling it quits. There is some great insight as to why the series is coming to a close, some of which was speculated about here as well. I will post some quotes and comment on them below….

Ami James said Monday he and co-star Chris Nuà±ez declined to extend Discovery Communications’ option to order more episodes of the TLC show. James said that move effectively ended their contracts with the cable conglomerate, and that no talks are under way to shoot more episodes of their life as South Beach tattoo artists.

”It’s done. It’s over,” James said by telephone from the Washington Avenue tattoo studio he and Nuà±ez own.

Early on in the interview, we see Ami using a pretty harsh tone, he is not happy with this…

Charlie Corwin, whose New York company, Original Media, produces Miami Ink, said he did not know if the show would return. ”The show’s been running a long time,” he said. In terms of ratings, Miami Ink is “not as high as it has been in the past, it’s not as low as it has been in the past.”

We all know there are several reasons for this, some that fall into the L.A. Ink camp….

”We weren’t happy with the way we were treated,” James said Monday. “I will never work for Discovery again.”

He complained the network did not promote the show properly, particularly when it moved Miami Ink from Tuesday night to Thursday night this season.

James said he and Nuà±ez plan on pursuing other deals.

”There might be a TV project and there might be a movie project,” he said. “We always had bigger ideas than Miami Ink. Miami Ink was kind of like of going to school.”

Wo! Ok, now we are getting somewhere. I could not agree more with the lack of promotion TLC gave to Miami Ink with the switch, it was difficult to find even when sought out. Then they placed it at the same time as one of the biggest network shows on TV, Lost was airing. Wondering what the next project might be….

The upside for fans could be more access to their favorite artists. Nuà±ez said he, James and the other stars are taking customers again for the first time since the show’s nearly year-round production schedule began.

”Now we basically have to go back to work,” he said. “We all still need to feed our families.”

Very interesting, although prices are still sure to be through the roof…..

If not, James said he’s not worried about losing the show’s promotional muscle — even with three South Beach businesses to sustain.

”We’ve been on the air for 81 episodes. That’s three years. We’re in 161 countries,” he said. “I definitely have enough marketing to last me a long time.”

Very true Ami, Miami Ink started it all and all the other Ink shows owe it a debt. It will be sad to see it go….

Read the Miami Herald article here…..