Kat Is A World Record Holder No More

Unless you count most consecutive days wearing a gold bra-kini of sorts, Kat Von D is nokat-oliver.jpg longer a Guinness World Record holder. Her record of 400 tatoos in 24 hours was shattered this weekend, and by none other than her ex-husband Oliver Peck. Yes, that is right, Peck did 415 customers during his annual Friday The 13th marathon from midnight Thursday to midnight Friday.

Remember this video we dug up with Kat talking about that? And now, Oliver holds the record, based on Kat’s track record, we can expect either a congratulatory autograph of some sort to turn up at Ollie’s, or that she takes another stab at the record, gold bra-kini and all, before long. Either way, I think it is safe to say we have not heard the end of this……..

***Update – Kat has given her thoughts on Myspace and acknowledges losing the record.  Check that out via this link….