Kim Saigh Vans Clothing And Shoes News

I know alot of people really loved seeing the designs Kim did for Vans on last weeks episode so I first wanted to give you a couple pictures of them here just in case you forgot what they looked like.


kimsaighvans5.jpg  kimsaighvans3.jpg kimsaighvans8.jpg kimsaighvans2.jpg

kimsaighvans4.jpg kimsaighvans6.jpg kimsaighvans1.jpg

In addition, here is an official statement from Kim regarding when the new line will be available…..

Vans-How,where, & when they are available (everybody keeps asking!!!)

This is pretty darn exciting!!!! Not only was it super fun & just plain ol’ awesome to get asked to do work with Vans,but the interest I’m getting from viewers is just as great. Since copying & pasting isn’t my favorite pass-time,(no offense-I just prefer to draw pictures or stand on my head),here’s the deal on how to get the goods!

The shoes will be available 6/1/09,and the apparel will follow on 7/1/09,for more info,you can go to

Thank you guys so much for expressing interest!!!