Tonight On L.A. Ink – Matt Bradley from Deadliest Catch and Kat’s New Book

Check out some video clips below from this weeks new episode of L.A. Ink, which airs tonight at 10pm ET on TLC!

First clip features Matt Bradley from Deadliest Catch…..

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And this one is about Kats new book…

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One thought on “Tonight On L.A. Ink – Matt Bradley from Deadliest Catch and Kat’s New Book

  1. Her first book is due in the New Year. (January 20th). Right now, I’m reading “Tattooed” by Michael Atkinson. It’s a good/interesting book. According to the Amazon website, Kat Von D wrote “High Voltage Tattoo” with Anthony Bozza. Bozza is the author of the best-sellers — “Slash” and “Tommyland”. It’s an excellent idea to have someone with his success involved. I hoped to see him on her show. I didn’t see him during last week’s episode when she talked about putting the book together. Anyways. I’ve seen most of “L.A. Ink”; e.g. Pixie leaving, the Naheed/Greg/Adrienne addition, etc.. BTW Kim’s tattoos and her apparel design project with Vans have enabled her to stand out from the rest of the “L.A. Ink” cast/crew. Now she has a line that might be as popular as Kat’s makeup line for Sephora.

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