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Hannah Aitchison of L.A. Ink Interviewed recently did an interview with Hannah Aitchison of L.A. Ink. In the interview Hannah talks about howhannah1.jpg tattoos are becoming more appealing to the “soccer mom” niche and how she is a mother herself. Overall a nice little piece and even more exposure for the show and for Hannah. Here are some quotes from Hannah in the article.

“It’s a way to embrace your parenthood,” says Hannah

“With child-themed tattoos, there’s little chance of regret. “Your pets, mom, dad, grandma and kids are really safe,” says Aitchison ”

“Getting tattooed is “a way to say, ‘I’m a mom and I’m still cool,” adds Aitchison. “They want to remind themselves that while they’re parents, they can still hang on to a part of their previous lives.”

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