Tonight On L.A. Ink – Kat Gets Hypnotized

A new episode of L.A. Ink premieres tonight on TLC at 10pm ET. The episode is Kat Gets Hypnotized, and she is doing it in an attempt to quit smoking…

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Here is the official show notes for the episode this evening…

When Kat and her fellow smokers in the shop decide to kick the habit, they seek the help of a hypnotist. Singer Yolanda Perez shares her struggle with being a single mom. Kat brings a photo of Don’s wife to life.

In addition, Kat gets asked by a client about if she ever plans to have children, the answer lies in the video after the jump……

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Kat Von D, Bam Margera, Mike V Signing This Weekend


Remember when we posted about the custom Kat Von D skateboard awhile back?  Well, here is some related news for you.  Most of the information can be had from the poster above, but here is some linkage for you as well.  Here is the homepage for Kat and her custom boards…Here is the details for getting to Active Westwood if you are in the L.A. area… 

L.A. Ink Returns for Season 3

katvond.jpg Sorry for our rather lengthy hiatus, the Reality Ink shows got a little long in the tooth for us for a bit there.  But here we are, back and ready for L.A. Ink and season 3.  The new season kicked off last weekend and the crew did not skip a beat.  Kat is still in the business of creating drama, Kim is still the best artist on the set, while Corey and Hannah play their usual roles.Have a peek at a preview of the new season below… [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] Keep it here for more episode analysis soon… 

Kat Von D Sighting In Toronto


Ok, so we all know Kat gets around (not like that, hopefully) on the PR circuit.  Promoting things she has slapped her name on and stuff like that.  Well one of the things that has been eating up here time of late is her Sephora makeup line.  So Kat and her sister Karoline were in Toronto to make an appearance recently at the Sephora Eaton Center.

I did not rsvp :), but Reality Ink and Kat Von D fan Karen was on hand and took a few photos, you can also see some video footage of the appearance here.

Thanks Karen!

Kat Von D Stars In Alkaline Trio Video

Kat inked up Alkaline Trio band member Matt Skiba back in season 1 of L.A. Ink, as many remember, and now the band is returning the favor, but strapping Kat to the front of a train!  Seriously….  Check out the video for their song, “Help Me”

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