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Kat Von D & Ludwig For Paw Print Magazine

Oh boy, it looks like Kat is getting photographed again. But this time it’s with her cat,kat-cat.jpg Ludwig for Paw Print Magazine. Check out this video where photographer Christopher Ameruoso gushes over Kat and her cat and takes pictures. The interview segment is close to unwatchable though, I must warn you……

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Chris has photographed loads of other celebs with their pets, check more of those shots out here…..

Kat Von D + Nikki Sixx = Train Wreck


I had a few jokes set aside for this post regarding Kat’s new love, Nikki Sixx, but man, its just too easy isn’t it? Kat has sunk to a new low, and I don’t think she will find a way out anytime soon. I know she is a huge Motley Crue fan (i.e. her facial star ink) so this relationship may have started off as a groupie type situation that got real. But, what is real for Kat? She shows her immaturity on a regular basis, and now has gone on the record about her relationship with Nikki Sixx.

Kat posted that Nikki “Owns My Heart” along with the above photo, once again on Myspace, while Sixx posted a different photo with his own caption, “MY OTHER HALF, I LOVE THIS WOMAN….,”

Mmmkay guys, lets look at the details here and see if we can determine the results, shall we?

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Kat Von D Unveils Makeup Line

I’ve always been a fan of makeup, I mean, I’ve worn it for so long.” – Kat Von Dkat1.jpg

That quote makes for the perfect pairing eh? Well, it appears that this one time dream has now come true, Kat Von D is teaming up with Sephora to unveil her very own makeup line. The Kat Von D line for Sephora comes out in Mid May. Available at or any Sephora store.

And whatta-ya know, one of the colors is called “Orbi”, seriously it is. Wanna take that back now Kat? Oops, just like those Oliver tattoos, I think it is too late.

Images courtesy of Bellasugar

Check out this video interview and more pics after the jump….

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Musink – Tattoo And Music Festival This Weekend


Kat Von D’s first ever Tattoo And Music Festival is this weekend. And we have all the details for you on Musink below, straight from Kat’s Myspace page. Check it out!

FRIDAY, Feb 22:
Doors open at 2pm to 11pm
Seminar on “Black and Grey Technique” by BOB TYRELL, starts at 2pm
Tattoo Contests start at 4pm


Doors open at NOON to 11pm
Seminar on “Machine Tuning Techniques” by TONY OLIVAS, Starts at 2pm
Tattoo Contests: 4pm


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Steve-O Says Kat Von D Is Anti-Semitic, And A Liar


Major drama going on right now between Kat Von D and her former boyfriend Steve-O of Jackass fame. And in typical fashion, it is all being aired out in public on Myspace. Steve O posted this texting conversation this week…..

Kat Von D’s Lies Catch Up To Her…

Steve-O To Kat: Were you really saying that you wanted off my list? And why’d you delete Orbi and make Nikki
such a big deal?

Changing your e-mail address will only serve to admit guilt and shame of your anti-semetic accusations.
Nobody on Earth thinks Garver is a liar, if you want out of this situation, you have to make good with Garver– for He is the only man that can clear your name. Sueing won’t help you either– you must prosecute in the court of public opinion, with Garver
as your witness… Or…

Let me try to finish “cleaning out my closet”– I travelled to roughly sixteen countries with Carolla, and got him laid in just about every one of them. He is not a Good person, but, he is not a liar, either. You fu**ed Carolla (when you were married), isn’t that
right, Carolla? People who lie get punished, in mysterious ways…

Kat: steve, just got your texts. I can’t believe you’d say some of that stuff. Nice knowin you.

At least I’m not a liar. Good luck with doing more of that. Liar.

Don’t bother crying to Nikki over the fact that I’m honest. He doesn’t like liars either, and your panties
get to easily twisted up in a bitchy, mad-for-no-reason bunch for you to last so much as three weeks with him.

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Kat & Orbi Getting Married?

Let the rumor mill heat up on this one. I guess Kat recently talked about having some big expectation for Valentines Day,katorbi.jpg which of course is currently upon us. She was recently quoted after a Grammy party, when asked about her Valentines Day plans, saying…..

“He just asked my dad for permission for my hand in marriage. So hopefully something else will happen!”

So now we know what Kat really wants this V-Day, we will have to see if it pans out. I gotta admit I would not be very surprised by this, let the “Orbi” tattoos begin!

Kat Von D Responds To Anti-Semitic Controversy


Some big time drama recently surrounding Kat Von D and Ami James. Apparently, Ami received the photo above recently. Kat was notified not long afterwards, and in addition to this short video that was on TMZ, he gave a lengthy explanation on her myspace page. Here are a couple quotes.

For quite some time, on my personal website, I had a section for “Autograph Requests”. At any time, ANYONE could go on there, type in their name and mailing address, and my assistant and I would send you an 8×10 photograph of me signed, free of charge.
Honestly, we started getting an average about 2,000 per day, and couldn’t keep up, so we took that option down. Now, when people send us gifts to the shop, fan art, or write us from jail, we send out an autographed 8×10, usually personalized as a gesture of thanks and appreciation. Anyone, could get their hands on one of these 8x10s.

Unfortunately, one of these 8×10’s got in the hands of an evil, insecure, and spiteful person, who thought it would be a good idea to FORGE this kind of trash.

For those of you that HAVE received signed 8×10’s from me in the past, you can CLEARLY see that this is a slanderous case of FORGERY, FRAUD, and attempt at getting attention.

I think she is telling the truth, but even so, she cannot resist taking a shot at Ami anyway…..

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Kat Von D On Reality Chat TV Guide

Check out this video of Kat Von D on the TV Guide program, Reality Chat. All I can say is that the amount of press Kat is doing these days is pretty crazy. Check out the interview below.

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Ami James Says “Ink, Not Mink” For Peta

Ami is pissed about animal cruelty! Check out this PETA spot he recently did and hear him talk about how he can’t even kill a roach! And in Florida no less!

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Chris Nunez Of Miami Ink On MTV Canada

Chris Nunez of Miami Ink is doing the Canadian circuit lately. Check out this video of him on MTV Canada. He does confirm that Miami Ink Season 4 is in the can and will air in June of 2008.

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