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L.A. Ink Episode 2 Recap & Review with pics….

Episode two aired last night of L.A. Ink and it was yet another one with the shop not being finished. Of course, this part of the plan still makes for some drama amongst cast members and that architect dude again. Here is my rundown of Episode 2.


Episode 2 – Nowhere To Work

Episode 2 kicks off with Kat prepping to tattoo Steve-O of Jackass fame. They hop in a limo and make an hour drive to Six Feet Under, the shop of Corey Miller so that Steve can get a tatt of himself as a child on his arm. His quote for getting the piece is that “I’m getting this tattoo because it’s a goofy, stupid idea and its gonna make people laugh”, sounds like Steve-O to me. However, he is obviously way too high to get it done and despite some prodding from Kat, he leaves.

When he returns for the ink, he sits in the chair and talks about being a rich kid, going to clown school (“I love the bragging rights going to clown school gave me”) and drinking his own urine. Fun! At one point, I think he tries to fall asleep in the chair, (probably all smoked out again). Time to get the Ink-o-meter started!

Kat Von D – Steve-O Child Portrait


1.) Client Idea / Story – The story is that Steve had this pic taken as a child in Rio, as mentioned he wants to get it to make people laugh and mostly to be an idiot. I guess his back piece was not masturbatory enough. 1/10

2.) Artist Interpretation Kat is a master at portraits, and has no trouble nailing this one despite Steve attempting to fall asleep. 8 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Great job by Kat, great shading and placement for a portrait as well. She even gets Steve and his screwy teeth correct. 8 / 10

Overall Rating 4/10 – Great work, stupid idea.

Up next the drama machine starts to get cranked up. You know the drill by now, shop is not finished, people are pissed, and all while the cameras roll! Amazing…. (wink)

Corey Miller – Traditional Skull Chest Piece


1.) Client Idea / Story – Anthony wants a traditional black and grey chest piece. He wants it to “reflect his free nature and harken back to the days of the old tough guy sailors.” 5/10

2.) Artist Interpretation Corey goes the extra mile here, even adding some of his own touch when Anthony thinks he is done. There is a reason he is a black/ grew master, this piece shows it. 9 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Incredible tattoo when it is all said and done by Corey, Anthony went through alot of pain but it looks like it was worth it. 8 / 10

Overall Rating – 8/10

Hannah – Peacock Piece


1.) Client Idea / Story – The client, Katharine, is getting this in honor of her Mom, who spent tow months in a coma in the hospital. 8/10

2.) Artist Interpretation When it comes to color, Hannah is boss. She takes the piece and really does an amazing job with it. It also feels like this take about 2 minutes, of course it probably took like 6-7 hours. 9 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Great work on this piece, easily my favorite on this episode. 9.5/ 10

Overall Rating – 9.5/10

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L.A. Ink Screencap Central – Episode 1

Here are some more fun screencaps from Episode 1 for you, feel free to give them a caption if you like……

Pixie shows off her split tongue, count me as one that finds this repulsive……

Speaking of repulsive, did anyone else get a little grossed out by this cat?

Pixie and Kat on the beach…..

Another shot of Hannah at work in episode 1…..

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L.A. Ink Premiere Party Pics + Video

We recently ran across some photos of a few L.A. Ink stars at the show’s premiere party and wanted to share them today. Enjoy! Also check below for a great video of the event.

Kat Von D


Kat again…



And check out this great behind the scenes video from the premiere party….

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L.A. Ink Episode One Recap And Review + Pics!

Last night, the first episode of L.A. Ink hit the TLC airwaves last night and then was repeated right away in the 11pm hour. Here is our rundown of the episode, ink by ink…..


Welcome Home Kat Season 1. Ep1.

As the new show opens, we come to realize that the groundwork needs to be laid. Kat returns to her hometown of Los Angeles to open her new shop and needs to first assemble her crew. But before she gets into that, she heads to the home of actor/musician and fellow L.A. native Eric Balfour. Eric wants a tattoo that is L.A. related on his shoulder. We posted the video of this already, but just in case you have not seen it, check it below.

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This is also our first stab at what we call our Ink-o-meter, which will rate this tattoo experience on three things.

Kat Von D – Skull Piece


1.) Client Idea / Story – Balfour has a strong connection to L.A., and wanted an artist with similar L.A. connections to do this piece. Kat was the perfect choice. It is also an image he uses for his band, Born As Ghosts. 8/10

2.) Artist Interpretation Kat takes the pics Eric had and really shows why she is such an amazing artist by nailing this one. She adds a few small touches as well that really make this one take off. 9 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – This turned out amazing. The amount of detail made it very difficult and Kat pulled it off really really well. A great tat to kick off the new show. And c’mon, it made the dude get all teary eyed! 9 / 10

Overall 8.75/10

The show moves on now as Kat tries to assemble her team. First on the docket is Kat’s mentor and longtime artist Corey Miller. Kat has been tattooing out of Miller’s shop, Six Feet Under, while she waits for her shop to open and we get introduced to Miller next as he shows off his free-hand skills.

Corey Miller – Circle Of Life Dragon Piece


1.) Client Idea / Story – Not alot of details on the story for this guy, but he does want a circle of life type theme, and brings Corey some pics of Dragon’s chasing their own tales and stuff. Due to the lack of explanation, I gotta rate this idea kinda low. 4/10

2.) Artist Interpretation – When Miller decides to free hand this one, I get a little nervous. I mean, in this day and age of stencils and all that good stuff, why would you want to or need to do a free hand? Of course, this is our introduction to Corey Miller, and he knocks it out of the park by adding some of his own touch, including a skull and some Asian artwork in the center of the piece to really make it pop. 9/10

3.) Finished Tattoo – I am not terribly impressed with this piece itself, probably because I feel it would have been better bigger. However, major props for it being a free hand piece and even more for Corey really turning a shaky idea into an excellent tattoo. 7.5 / 10

Overall Score 6.75 / 10

Up next, Kat heads to Chicago to try to persuade two female artists to join her team, first up is our introduction to Kim Saigh. Kat hits her shop and watches Kim do a calf piece.

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Kat Von D Featured In Revolver Magazine

Let the L.A. Ink buzz continue! This show and it’s star Kat Von D are really getting some big time attention leading up to next week’s premiere episdoe. Let’s all hope it delivers! Here is another promotional deal Kat recently did, this time for Revolver Magazine. Here are some scans of the article.


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L.A. Ink Episode One Preview!

la-1.jpg la-2.jpg

Update**********Watch the video, right here, right now.

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We have some great info for you today regarding the upcoming season of LA Ink, which is now only a week away from premiering. TLC has made a video segment available for you to view and what you see laced in to this post are still photos of the preview video.

la-4.jpg la-3.jpg

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Eve To Get Tattooed on L.A. Ink

Lots of celebrities have been in the tattoo chair on Miami Ink, so we can expect alot of the same for the new L.A. Ink show. We are not sure if these photos are from an upcoming episode or not, but here is Kat tattooing rapper Eve. We stumbled upon some photos of Eve getting inked down at High Voltage Tattoo, have a peek.

More photos after the jump…..

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L.A. Ink Mural Found In Downtown Area


A couple sharp pics found in Downtown LA recently being painted to promote the new TLC series L.A. Ink. Have a look below… Our thanks to a message board poster over on the new L.A. Ink forums. The murals are reportedly located on Melrose in the 6900/7000 block, so if you see them, let us know or take some more shots and report back!

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L.A. Ink – Inside The New Shop (High Voltage Hollywood)


An official announcement came down earlier this week that the new shop which will also be the set for LA Ink, High Voltage Hollywood is now open to the public.

High Voltage is located in West Hollywood on La Brea Ave. and they are also planning a new website, which currently just has a splash page up.

Have a look at these photos from inside the new shop, courtesy of the Kat Von D Fanz MySpace page.


More photos below……

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