L.A. Ink Renewed for Season 2

Looks like the viewers have spoken and L.A. Ink will be returning for another seasonlaink.jpg of tattoos and overhyped drama on TLC. Buddy TV is reporting that the Miami Ink spin-off has agreed to do season 2, and that Kat Von D spilled the beans during a red carpet interview before the MTV Video Music Awards this month.

Here is a quote from Kat Von D….

“The show’s going really great. Actually, we just finished filming the first season [and] the second season just got picked up,” Von D told Buzznet.com “I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait to show everybody what LA Ink is all about.”

I guess that means that our blog, Reality Ink gets renewed too, sorta! Yeah….

Check out the video of Kat confirming the news below….

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L.A. Ink Episode 7 Tonight!

Episode 7 of L.A. Ink will be on TLC tonight at 10pm EST, be sure to tune in. This episode features Scott Ian of Anthrax getting inked and Pixie needing surgery for a tonsil issue we talked about awhile back. Here is the teaser video for this week’s show to get you ready….

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Video of Kat Von D on Letterman

Things we learned from Kat’s recent stop at Late Night with David Letterman.

  • Kat was born in Mexico
  • Kat’s parents were (are?) missionaries
  • Dave is enamored with Kat’s tattoo’s

Check out the full video below……

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L.A. Episode 6 – More Pictures

More screencaps from last week’s episode to share today, mostly centered around the misunderstanding Pixie endures…….


Pixie breakdown Part 1


Kat’s sister Karoline


Another shot of the portrait Kat did.

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Hannah Aitchison of L.A. Ink Interviewed

Babycenter.com recently did an interview with Hannah Aitchison of L.A. Ink. In the interview Hannah talks about howhannah1.jpg tattoos are becoming more appealing to the “soccer mom” niche and how she is a mother herself. Overall a nice little piece and even more exposure for the show and for Hannah. Here are some quotes from Hannah in the article.

“It’s a way to embrace your parenthood,” says Hannah

“With child-themed tattoos, there’s little chance of regret. “Your pets, mom, dad, grandma and kids are really safe,” says Aitchison ”

“Getting tattooed is “a way to say, ‘I’m a mom and I’m still cool,” adds Aitchison. “They want to remind themselves that while they’re parents, they can still hang on to a part of their previous lives.”

Be sure to go and check out the full article about Mommy Tattoos here, and check out our Mommy Babble blog here.

L.A. Ink Episode 6 Recap & Review with pics….



Corey’s Vasectomy

Is anyone else out there sick of these horrible and annoying subplots? I love the ink on the show and even like some of the clients stories and stuff, but the subplots are really bad, and getting worse! I mean c’mon, Corey debating a vasectomy? I know it was real, but did it really need to happen on camera and while the show was filming? And even worse is the Pixie situation. So, you think that you are getting fired? What? Fired from being the pseudo shop manager who is only there while the show is filming?

Ok, my rant is over. However, we are feeling a bit lazy this week, so the rating are going by the wayside. Just the art this week folks.


Kat – Monster Head Pin Up


Corey – Owl In Tree Arm Piece


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L.A. Ink Episode 6 Teaser Video

Episode 6 airs tonight, be sure to check it out on TLC at 10pm EST as Kat and Company are at it again…..

Check out this preview video for a sneak peek….

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/SD5YpO5wOZI" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Kat vs. Ami, the feud continues…

I cannot say I am surprised by the latest reports involving Ami James from Miami Ink and his former employee Kat Von D. There are several reports out there saying that Ami is jealous of the success of L.A. Ink. I have to admit, I think it is allblog_jm_katvond.jpg amijames1.jpgfabrication. Ami may very well be jealous, but for him to admit this much to the press, well, that would be just plain stupid.

Unless of course, it is all “for” press of course, and this feud still has some life left in it I guess…..

Here are a few quotes from a recent article in the New York Post.

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