Miami Ink Special Edition Razr Cell Phone

razrdragref.jpgWell, with all the L.A. Ink hype over the past month or so, we have neglected the news surrounding Miami Ink, and there has not been alot of it. But I ran across this recently and found it very interesting. Looks like there is a special Motorola Razr phone out now that they are calling the “Miami Ink Edition.” The phone looks just like a normal Razr, but has a “inkish” dragon across the front of it. The phone and its details can be found at Tiger Direct, and also comes in pink. For lots more cell phone news, check out our friends at Cell Phones Zone.

Looks like you can also find plenty on Ebay right now as well, and probably for cheaper, good luck!

Kat And L.A. Ink Crew Party At Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival


Kat Von D and her crew were in Calgary last week for the annual Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival as some of the featured celebrities. The Calgary Sun caught up with the now tattoo star and she had a few quotes about L.A. Ink, the festival and partying north of the border….

“I love the Calgary show, this is really the only convention I’ll do — Calgary is so welcoming. At some of the other conventions there can be a lot of negative feedback, the tattoo world is full of egos and not everyone in the business thinks it’s great that I have my own show,”

“We flew into Calgary last night after the last show, and then went out and partied, of course …”

For more, check out the full article at the Calgary Sun…..

And here is some footage of the crew on site in Calgary…

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L.A. Ink Episode 5 Recap & Pics


Episode five is now over and accounted for on L.A. Ink. The episode, titled, Master Cleanse, focused in on a bet between Kat and Kim regarding a cleansing fast they decided to do together. I think overall, there may not have ever been a more visibly immature person on television that Kat Von D. Not only does she lose the bet, but refuses to pay up to Kim what they had agreed on and creates her own consequence instead. The scene where she is too “exhausted” to hang a picture is hilarious.

Poor Kat, she had to stop eating whenever she felt like it for a few days and is exhausted!!! Ok, enough sarcasm for now, on to the ink!


Hannah – Erin – Cherry Blossom Rib Piece

1.) Client Idea / Story – Erin wants some cherry blossoms on her torso. She feels that the idea of annual cherry blossoms are a good metaphor for how she lives her life. She is a “little person”, and the idea is good, but not certain as to the full meaning. 8/10

2.) Artist Interpretation Erin handles the pain like it is nothing, which is a feat in itself. Hannah takes the idea and does a great job with the interpretation. 6/ 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Nothing wrong with this for sure, but also nothing that makes me say wow. 6 / 10

Overall Rating 6.5/10 – extra half point for the pain tolerance….


Kat – Cat Portrait

1.) Client Idea / Story – Steve has a hard time with women, so instead he fell in love with his cat, Buddy. Now of course, he wants to have a portrait of the cat on his body, forever, and on the inside of his leg no less. 1.5/10

2.) Artist Interpretation Looks just like the picture, Kat is good at portrait type stuff, but you already knew that. However, this is a cat still. 6/ 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Yeah, I can’t get over the super strange idea, even though it looks nice in the end, too over the top weird for me. 3 / 10

Overall Rating 3/10 – This dude says that he and his cat are soulmates….. Meow?


Kim – Our Lady Of Guadalupe

1.) Client Idea / Story – Robert wants a tattoo in honor of his grandfather. He want the image of the Lady of Guadelupe, certainly a classic image and a great idea for ink. 8/10

2.) Artist Interpretation Love this job by Kim, another reason she is one of the best artists on the show. Great use of color and detail. 8/ 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Awesome piece, placement and overall winner. Love it. 9/ 10

Overall Rating 9/10

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Kat Von D Caption Contest Part 2

While we run around crazy and prepare our episode 5 recap post for you, how about another caption contest? This is another shot of Kat from episode 4 in the office considering a boob job. Have fun with this one!kat-implant.jpg

L.A. Ink Episode 5 Teaser Video

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. We get a new episode of L.A. Ink tonight, with band Emerson Drive stopping by and the crew doing a bit of a detox. Catch it at 10pm eastern tonight! Here is the teaser video.

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L.A. Ink Episode 4 Screencap Central


Hey Jesse Mecalf, your new tattoo I did looks groovy. – Hannah


Hannah with another ga ga shot talking about Jesse.


And from the photobooth. Had enough yet?


Close up of the Tennessee Rose Guitar piece.


Another shot of the memorial piece.

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L.A. Ink Wolf Arm Piece Pics

Gonna try something new today with one of the tattoo’s featured on this week’s episode. This one is the piece Kat did for her friend Gus, which we felt was one of the best on the show. Here are some more pictures of the ink, click on them for a full size view. I will be adding some additional pictures of some of the other art on this and other episodes to their own page very soon as well, so stay tuned for that.

wolf11.jpg wolf2.jpg wolf3.jpg wolf4.jpg

L.A. Ink Episode 4 Recap & Pics


Last night I took in another episode of L.A. Ink. The tattoo’s overall on this episode were great, while the drama was once again, contrived. The title of the episdoe, Boobs Rule says alot about the show. Kat and Pixie go shopping and Kat notices that she is not quite as well endowed as in the past. Of course this takes up way too much time and Kat does not end up going for the boob job in the end. I wish I could say I was surprised. Another sub plot is Corey playing drums at a gig supporting a client who he tattoos this episode.

Here are a few things I found really amusing though….

– Hannah, we know you love Jesse Metcalf, but please try not to say groovy so much anymore….

– Pixie at the front of the shop, pretending to be the receptionist. “Do you have an appointment?” If not, why are we filming Pixie?

Anyway, on to the episode. Boobs Rule…..

Yet another “celebrity” piece to start off this episode, this time it is Jesse Metcalf sitting down with Hannah.

Hannah – Angel w/ Heart



1.) Client Idea / Story – Jesse wants to get a naked female angel lassoing a anatomically correct heart for his shoulder piece. “Everyone has had their heart broken, this is just a reminder, not to let it happen again.” 5/10

2.) Artist Interpretation Hannah nails it. She takes a break from falling in love with Jesse to make this into a great great piece. I am always impressed with artists that can take ideas and make them into what the client is after. 8/ 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Great work here by Hannah, she takes the idea and runs with it. Jesse says he went to her because of how well she tattoos the female form, but to me, it is the heart that stands out on this piece. 7 / 10

Overall Rating 7/10 – Hannah is seriously ga ga over Jesse. This picture says it all.

Kat – Family Portrait


1.) Client Idea / Story – Kat’s friend, skater and metal dude Mike V comes in with some family members for a portrait piece. Of course this is right up Kat’s alley. Pardon that pun. 8/10

2.) Artist Interpretation -Kat and portraits are kinda a slam dunk. This is of two girls (although 3 are in the shop) and she does great. From what I understand, kids are the hardest to do regarding portraits because of their noses. 7/ 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Not as incredible as I imagined and hoped when it is all said and done. Even so, it looks great and is just what this super intense dude is after. 7 / 10

Overall Rating 7/10 – Mike V is way too hardcore for television.

Corey – Tennesse Rose Guitar


1.) Client Idea / Story – Dave is a musician and wants one of his guitars tattooed on his back. The guitar is a Tennesse Rose. 7/10

2.) Artist Interpretation – Corey isn’t too excited about this because he says guitars are so hard with all the detail. That being said I love how Corey improvises and adds the roses to go along with it. 8/ 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – This turns out great. Corey takes a tough piece and does an amazing job on this guy. I really like the finished product here and the roses really make it pop. 8 / 10

Overall Rating 7.5/10 – Corey not only helps out the client, but also lands an opening gig for his band!

Kim – Eating Disorder Recovery Symbol


1.) Client Idea / Story – Marissa comes to see Kim to get a recovery from an eating disorder symbol. She has suffered from anorexia in the past and wants this as a reminder of how far she has come. 6/10

2.) Artist Interpretation – I hate to say this is an easy one, I cannot tattoo after all. But it really is. Kim does take the flower in the piece and make it her own however. 4/ 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – I don’t care for this one, although I would never doubt or question the motives. And Kim does just what Marissa wants for this. 4 / 10

Overall Rating 4/10

Kat – Wolf Piece


1.) Client Idea / Story – Gus is getting a wolf on his arm which will blend in to his portrait of his mother. This one is also tied to him mom, who apparently loved wolves. 7/10

2.) Artist Interpretation – Gus had no reference for this, and gives Kat the creative license to come up with something for him on this one. She comes up with something incredible and really does a bang up job blending it into the portrait. 9/ 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – I did not care for the idea at first, but Kat does awesome work on this piece. The blending between the portrait and this along with the fact that she did all the creative work on this one makes it my favorite of this episode. 9 / 10

Overall Rating 9/10

Hannah – Memorial Heart/Swallow


1.) Client Idea / Story – Laura wants to get a memorial tattoo to remember her grandfather. The piece is a sacred heart, a banner with the word “Ohana” which if family in Hawaiian. And the swallow represent her grandfather who was in the Navy. 8/10

2.) Artist Interpretation – She some to Hannah for her color skills and Hannah does not dissapoint on this one. Not too much interpretation here, mostly because the client has a really near perfect drawing, which has to be rare. 8/ 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – This is a great piece, another colorful winner from Hannah and about as good as it gets for a memorial piece. 8 / 10

Overall Tattoo – 8/10

Loads more screencaps to come, including some more shots of the tats…..

L.A. Ink Episode 4 Teaser Video

Another episode of L.A. Ink airs tomorrow night at 10pm eastern on TLC. Here is a teaser video for the new episode…..

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L.A. Ink Episode 3 Screencap Central

Here are some more screencaps from Episode 3, as promised. Enjoy!


Kat decides to lie on the floor with her bikini on. Man this job is tough!


I thought this piece was huge, but this dude is that much bigger. He dwarfs Kim in this shot.


No words can describe this.

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