L.A. Ink Episode 3 Recap & Pics


Episode three is now in the books, as High Voltage Tattoo finally opened and saw all of the ink being done inside it’s walls. Overall I have to admit that Kat is bugging the crap out of me as a viewer, the overall immaturity makes some of the footage (the non-tat footage mostly) tough to watch. I am finding myself really liking Corey and Kim, the two who seem to have their heads on the most.

Episode 3 – L.A. Ink Grand Opening

This episode starts out with rapper Eve stopping by High Voltage for a tattoo on her hip. That makes three shows and three “celebrity” starters.

Kat Von D – “Three-Love Piece”


1.) Client Idea / Story – I was interested to know the details behind this one, mostly because of the teaser video I guess. It turns out the Eve wanted this for some pretty dumb reasons though. Her quote was “I just love, love ya know?”. Mmkay. 2/10

2.) Artist Interpretation While this tattoo probably took all of 30 minutes, Kat does it just fine. But it is so simple and small I’m starting to wonder why I am rating this. 4 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – It is pretty clear this one only made the episode because it was for a celebrity. The piece is small, and rather insignificant honestly, a poor one to kick off the show in my opinion. 3 / 10

Overall Rating 3/10 – “I just love , love ya know?”

Hannah – Pin Up Warrior


1.) Client Idea / Story – Dinu wants to get what she describes as a “sexy, ass kicking chick” and stops in to have Hannah do the honors. Not much of a story here, but it seems like more of a fun deal for this piece. 4/10

2.) Artist Interpretation A bit outside the area of expertise for Hannah this time around, no color for this pinup. Even so, she does a great sketch and seems to nail what Dinu wants with the tattoo. 6 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – It is always tough to be certain why people get some of the ink they get, this one seems like a flighty and rather dumb idea to me, even so, who am I to judge? Hannah shows that she can do more than big time color pieces here. 5 / 10

Overall Rating – 5/10

Corey – Star Halo Piece


1.) Client Idea / Story – Kristin comes in to L.A. Ink for a piece by Corey after being in a coma after a major car accident. Obviously a good reason to remember a tough time and look to move forward, can’t argue with this one. 8/10

2.) Artist Interpretation Corey does really well sketching and adding some of his own ideas to this one, takes a good idea and makes it a great piece. 7 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – I think this piece is pretty average if Corey does not add his own flair, especially to the inside of the star and with the outside glow parts. I do really like the placement and overall look in the end. 6.5 / 10

Overall Rating – 6/10

Kim – “Acid Trip Of Nature Shoulder Piece”


1.) Client Idea / Story – This guy totally cracks me up. Justin meets with Kim outside the shop since the A/C is out and tells him he wants some kind of acid trip of nature piece on his shoulder. If I were Kim I am not sure I would have known what the hell he was talking about. His quote pretty much sums it up. “This tattoo is gonna represent everything I have to say and every reason I’m alive.” 3/10

2.) Artist Interpretation Justin mostly leaves this up to Kim outside of the trippy idea. Kim loves that though and really goes wild with this in an amazing way. 7 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – This one turns out pretty amazing really considering it mostly comes out of Kim’s creative sense. The color and arrangements really pop and I am totally impressed. What I thought was gonna be difficult turns into one of the best pieces this episode. 8 / 10

Overall Rating – 8/10

Kat – Mike – Truvian Man Piece


1.) Client Idea / Story – Mike chooses the classic Da Vinci piece of art known as “Truvian Man.” He wants to kinda pay tribute to the human body with this piece and chooses to have it on his side. And yes, it’s gonna hurt. 7/10

2.) Artist Interpretation This is actually a piece where Kat does not need to be too creative, after all, Da Vinci pretty much nailed it already. Kat does have to deal with Mike and his goofy attitude however, but I would not want to sit for this piece in this spot. 7 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – The piece turns out amazing, but somehow I was slightly dissapointed. Maybe it was the sepiatone stuff all around the piece that sorta looks like dude scraped himself real bad. Even so, it still is a great piece overall and one of the better ones this episode. 7 / 10

Overall Rating 7.5/10

Kim – Big Heat Back Piece


1.) Client Idea / Story – Big Mike wants the script “Big Heat” on his back, which is his nickname. He also wants it to work well with the art he already has on his back. 4/10

2.) Artist Interpretation I am most impressed by how Kim blends this one so well into his other work. She takes advantage of the large canvas and makes this massive volcano behind the Big Heat script. 7 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Great job by Kim giving Mike what he asks for. I think the piece itself is a bit silly but with Mike’s other artwork on his back, it actually fits really well. Lots of color was of course, right up Kim’s alley. 7 / 10

Overall Rating 6.5/10

I have lots more screencaps to share as well, look for those very soon……

Kat Von D Caption Contest

While we are preparing our Episode 3 recap from last night, how about a caption contest to tide us over? Best comment wins a brand new Harley Davidson Motorcycle high five from me!


Pixie Acia of L.A. Ink Was On Fear Factor

Ok, raise your hand if you knew that Pixie Acia, the shop manager at L.A. Ink and Pescatarian (vegetarian who eats fish), made an appearance on an episode of Fearpixiefearfactor.jpg Factor awhile back, before all this L.A. Ink stuff got started? Well, it is true indeed, Pixie appeared and even did a short exit interview as well. Here is the info from NBC….

Contestants Pixie and Todd looked right at home sitting inside of a box filled with alligators with their heads buried in frogs. They had 2 minutes to transfer as many poker chips as they could through the box while mingling with the critters as they recount in this weeks tale of fear.

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L.A. Ink Episode 2 Screencap Central

Kim is pissed that she can’t get to work…..

Kat and Hannah on the beach, two episodes, two bikini scenes….

Never seen this tattoo of Kat’s on her chin, can anyone identify it?

Pixie talks about how she wants to become a construction worker….

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L.A. Ink Episode 2 Recap & Review with pics….

Episode two aired last night of L.A. Ink and it was yet another one with the shop not being finished. Of course, this part of the plan still makes for some drama amongst cast members and that architect dude again. Here is my rundown of Episode 2.


Episode 2 – Nowhere To Work

Episode 2 kicks off with Kat prepping to tattoo Steve-O of Jackass fame. They hop in a limo and make an hour drive to Six Feet Under, the shop of Corey Miller so that Steve can get a tatt of himself as a child on his arm. His quote for getting the piece is that “I’m getting this tattoo because it’s a goofy, stupid idea and its gonna make people laugh”, sounds like Steve-O to me. However, he is obviously way too high to get it done and despite some prodding from Kat, he leaves.

When he returns for the ink, he sits in the chair and talks about being a rich kid, going to clown school (“I love the bragging rights going to clown school gave me”) and drinking his own urine. Fun! At one point, I think he tries to fall asleep in the chair, (probably all smoked out again). Time to get the Ink-o-meter started!

Kat Von D – Steve-O Child Portrait


1.) Client Idea / Story – The story is that Steve had this pic taken as a child in Rio, as mentioned he wants to get it to make people laugh and mostly to be an idiot. I guess his back piece was not masturbatory enough. 1/10

2.) Artist Interpretation Kat is a master at portraits, and has no trouble nailing this one despite Steve attempting to fall asleep. 8 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Great job by Kat, great shading and placement for a portrait as well. She even gets Steve and his screwy teeth correct. 8 / 10

Overall Rating 4/10 – Great work, stupid idea.

Up next the drama machine starts to get cranked up. You know the drill by now, shop is not finished, people are pissed, and all while the cameras roll! Amazing…. (wink)

Corey Miller – Traditional Skull Chest Piece


1.) Client Idea / Story – Anthony wants a traditional black and grey chest piece. He wants it to “reflect his free nature and harken back to the days of the old tough guy sailors.” 5/10

2.) Artist Interpretation Corey goes the extra mile here, even adding some of his own touch when Anthony thinks he is done. There is a reason he is a black/ grew master, this piece shows it. 9 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Incredible tattoo when it is all said and done by Corey, Anthony went through alot of pain but it looks like it was worth it. 8 / 10

Overall Rating – 8/10

Hannah – Peacock Piece


1.) Client Idea / Story – The client, Katharine, is getting this in honor of her Mom, who spent tow months in a coma in the hospital. 8/10

2.) Artist Interpretation When it comes to color, Hannah is boss. She takes the piece and really does an amazing job with it. It also feels like this take about 2 minutes, of course it probably took like 6-7 hours. 9 / 10

3. ) Finished Tattoo – Great work on this piece, easily my favorite on this episode. 9.5/ 10

Overall Rating – 9.5/10

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Kat Talks Divorce, Steve – O

Steve – O drops in to L.A. Ink tonight to get a new tatt and with all the rumors circulating about his involvement with Katkat11.jpg Von D, I guess Kat decided to set the record straight. Kat does an occasional post on a fan forum and we found these quotes from the L.A. Ink star to be the most interesting….

Regarding Steve-O….

“steveos super busy recording his new rap album, which is hilarious and great, even though im not the biggest rap/hiphopper on the planet, its ridiculously funny! he’s also int he process of filming for his new tv show, Dr Steveo which i think is gonna help a lot kids out there gain confidence, and serve as an entertaining show all at the same time.”

Talking about hangin out with Steve……

“considering his schedule and my busy schedule filming LA Ink, we have decided not to hang out and be as professional as possible, so that we in non way hinder our professionalism. Basically, i think the both of us are far too busy trying to make all of our projects a success to have any extra time to devote to partying and hangin out.”

On the divorce with Oliver and current relationships…..

“Although i have not yet officially talked about the matter (other than the tom green show) i am going to confirm THIS right now. YES, my husband and i are officially seperated, and getting a divorce. and NO, i am not seeing anyone, and probably wont be for a long while. Lone wolf club!”

L.A. Ink First Episode Crushes Past Miami Ink Ratings


Great news for both TLC and the new show L.A. Ink just came in. It looks like the new episode did really well for a brand new cable series and blew all previous Miami Ink episodes out of the water! Read this quote from Hollywood Reporter for all the nitty gritty details.

The show, starring tattoo artist Kat Von D of TLC’s “Miami Ink” and the staff and clientele at her L.A.-based tattoo parlor, averaged 2.9 million total viewers at 10 p.m. Tuesday, according to Nielsen Media Research. That makes “L.A. Ink” the most-watched series debut for the network since the January 2003 premiere of “What Not to Wear.”

It also is significantly higher than several recent TLC series premieres, including May’s “Big Medicine” (1.3 million), June’s “I’ve Got Nothing to Wear” (807,000) and July’s “Hard Shine” (860,000) and “Diagnosis X” (830,000), among others.”L.A. Ink,” produced by Original Media, also ranks as the highest-rated series premiere ever for TLC among adults 18-34 (2.6 rating, 1.5 million) and was basic cable’s highest-rated primetime program Tuesday among several key adult demos, including 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54.

The show also helped TLC rank as the No. 1 basic cable network in primetime Tuesday among demos including 18-34 and 18-49 and outperform ABC, CBS and NBC in 18-34.

New episodes of “L.A. Ink” will run through Oct. 30. Celebrity clients set to appear in upcoming episodes include Steve-O (“Jackass”), Jesse Metcalf (“Desperate Housewives”), rapper Eve and Anthrax’s Scott Ian. TLC’s Pamela Deutsch and Original Media’s Charlie Corwin are the show’s executive producers.

L.A. Ink Episode 2 Sneak Peek Video

Looks like this will be a weekly feature here on Reality Ink. The new episode of L.A. Ink that airs next week on TLC features Steve-O among others, getting a tattoo of himself again, this time a childhood photo though. Check out the video for more.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/LcNDr2s6Uko" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

L.A. Ink Screencap Central – Episode 1

Here are some more fun screencaps from Episode 1 for you, feel free to give them a caption if you like……

Pixie shows off her split tongue, count me as one that finds this repulsive……

Speaking of repulsive, did anyone else get a little grossed out by this cat?

Pixie and Kat on the beach…..

Another shot of Hannah at work in episode 1…..

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