L.A. Ink Episode One Preview!

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Update**********Watch the video, right here, right now.

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We have some great info for you today regarding the upcoming season of LA Ink, which is now only a week away from premiering. TLC has made a video segment available for you to view and what you see laced in to this post are still photos of the preview video.

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Yoji of Miami Ink Talks Music, Family


I ran across a recent interview Yoji “The Apprentice” Harada did that had some interesting things in it you may not know about the Miami Ink star. The most notable is how much Yoji is into music. He plays in a punk band called Big Deal out of New York. Here are a few quotes from the interview to check out.

Yoji on his love for music:

“When the radio started playing The Clash, I was just in complete and total shock. I really liked it and I thought, This is something I can do.’ I was in a band in Japan, but I really wanted to make music in the United States. That was my dream. “

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Eve To Get Tattooed on L.A. Ink

Lots of celebrities have been in the tattoo chair on Miami Ink, so we can expect alot of the same for the new L.A. Ink show. We are not sure if these photos are from an upcoming episode or not, but here is Kat tattooing rapper Eve. We stumbled upon some photos of Eve getting inked down at High Voltage Tattoo, have a peek.

More photos after the jump…..

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L.A. Ink Artist Profile – Hannah Aitchison

Today our profile focuses on L.A. Ink artist Hannah Aitchison. Check Hannah out on her own website here. Here are somehannah.jpg additional facts about Hannah that we dug up……

– Hannah has been tattooing for 9 years.

– A single mom, Hannah worked two and three jobs while apprenticing just to support her daughter

– Hannah is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

– Hannah’s brother and sister in law are also tattoo artists.

Here are a couple quotes from a recent interview with Hannah.

“My favorite (tattoo) tends to change depending on where my head is at! Right now I love love love the Mucha-esque female face on my right forearm done by the wonderful Sabine Gaffron in Berlin. ”

“As far as tattooing goes, my heroes have been the great figurative artists like Joe Capobianco, Timothy Hoyer, Steve Moore, my coworker Tim Biedron from Chicago, my partner on the show Kim Saigh, and of course my brother for his insanely creative use of light and colour.”

Check out Hannah on MySpace

Check out this video interview with Hannah……

Kat & Steve-O?

Here at Reality Ink, we are not a gossip rag, usually. But there is a juicy rumor circulating involving “Steve O” of Jackass fame and L.A. Ink’s own Kat Von D. Say it ain’t so Kat? I mean, Steve O? The same dude who is still pulling the same stupid crap constantly? Not to mention that if Kat and husband Oliver Peck are on the outs, Kat sure has a load of “Oliver” related tatts to get covered up, eh? Oh, young love.


Since this little rumor is mostly MySpace fueled, we won’t go over the top with it, but that picture with Kat, Steve and Paul “Pee Wee Herman” Reubens above certainly does not help.

This message from Mr. O’s Myspace appears to confirm something…..

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L.A. Ink Artist Profile – Kim Saigh

Time for your very first artist profile here on Reality Ink. This one focusing in on one of the new members of the L.A. Inkkimsaigh2.jpg team, Kim Saigh. Kim is already a widely known artist in tattoo circles, as most that are hired for a show like this are. Here are some facts about Kim you may or may not already know

– Kim is a fanatical yoga practitioner

– Kim has been tattooing professionally for 16 year, and got started in her hometown of Cleveland, OH.

– Kim opened her first shop in Chicago called Cherry Bomb Tattoo.

Here are a few quotes from a recent interview……

What is your favorite tattoo on your body and what does it symbolize?

My sleeve on my right arm because I got it early on in my career. I got to watch Guy do the tattoo which was really inspiring to see because he was the person that made me want to tattoo and be a better artist.

What were your first thoughts when TLC approached you about being on LA INK?

My heart fell in my stomach and I knew that I was supposed to do this. I don’t know why, but I’ve had the same feeling before when certain opportunities have presented themselves. I’m just trying to roll with it and not expect too much, but enjoy the ride and see where it takes me.

Kim on MySpace

Watch A Video Interview with Kim…….


L.A. Ink Mural Found In Downtown Area


A couple sharp pics found in Downtown LA recently being painted to promote the new TLC series L.A. Ink. Have a look below… Our thanks to a message board poster over on the new L.A. Ink forums. The murals are reportedly located on Melrose in the 6900/7000 block, so if you see them, let us know or take some more shots and report back!

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Miami Ink DVD’s On Sale @ Discovery

Just a quick heads up that the previous seasons of Miami Ink are on a great sale as a part of the Discovery Semi-Annual DVD sale. Here are the ones I ran across for cheap….


Miami Ink Season 1 – was 50$, on sale for $19.99

Miami Ink Hawaii DVD – was $21.95, on sale for $4.99

Miami Ink: Kat’s Return, Ami’s Ride & The Ink that Binds DVD – was $21.95, on sale for $4.99

Miami Ink: Party All the Time & Weathering the Storm DVD – was $21.95, on sale for $4.99

Miami Ink: More Money, More Problems & Step Up or Step Out DVD – was $21.95, on sale for $4.99

Miami Ink: Kat’s in the Groove & Finding Balance DVD – was $21.95, on sale for $4.99

Miami Ink: In Memory Of… & Growing Up DVD – was $21.95, on sale for $4.99

And many more can be had at the sale, go check it out…..

L.A. Ink – Inside The New Shop (High Voltage Hollywood)


An official announcement came down earlier this week that the new shop which will also be the set for LA Ink, High Voltage Hollywood is now open to the public.

High Voltage is located in West Hollywood on La Brea Ave. and they are also planning a new website, which currently just has a splash page up.

Have a look at these photos from inside the new shop, courtesy of the Kat Von D Fanz MySpace page.


More photos below……

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L.A. Ink To Premiere August 7th


Lots of buzz around the web surrounding the new show from TLC hitting the tube on August 7th. Kat Von D, fresh off her “firing” from Miami Ink (more thoughts on that in an upcoming post), is opening (or actually has opened) a brand new shop out in LA.

And the new series, titled L.A. Ink, is the first spin off from the successful Miami Ink series. The new cast or staff is pictured above, and it is mostly chicks for Kat and her crew, and with the first episode almost here, we will be profiling the new staff here very soon as well.