Tim Hendricks Sabre Shades Now Available


I missed this news about a month ago regarding phenomenal tattooist Tim Hendricks from Miami Ink.  Apparently, Tim has collaborated with the people at Sabre Sunglasses to come up with the shades pictured above.

The glasses frame comes adorned with Tim’s signature fine rose tattoo artwork on both sides and I guess are pretty limited.  You can only purchase them by hitting up Sabre’s “Don’t Panic” Showroom in Newport Beach, California, at least for the first run.  So if you are in Newport Beach send us a pair, they look great!

More pictures after the jump…..

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Kat Von D Video Dump

You know the day has not begun until you scour You Tube for whatever camera Kat Von D is throwing herself in front of.  It seems like almost daily there are a few new videos of Kathy being interviewed by someone for something.

Here are two I dug up and actually watched if you have 5 minutes to kill….

Kat Von D is interviewed for her Portugese speaking fans, I got a kick out of the Los Angeles Ink banner she sits in front of….

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/0d4th7l-Fyo" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Katharine and Dimebag’s widow get the interview treatment backstage at Metal Hammer Golden Gods!

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/UlPD2MmBzK4" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

And you know you were searching for the Kat Von D Pontiac commercial, right?  Maybe not, but here it is regardless…

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/afX9NMxqRUo" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

L.A. Ink Casting For Season 3


News regarding the upcoming season of L.A. Ink hits today, straight from the Kat’s mouth on her Myspace page.

“Great news!

We just got picked up for ANOTHER season of LA INK! We are set to start filming for it in early July, so TLC is doing their casting as we speak. Just to give all of my friends on MySpace a heads up before they make an announcement, I thought I’d post this.

Anyhow, if you wanna get tattooed on the show by Hannah, Kim, Corey or myself, just go to LA Ink Casting, and check it out..”

Kat Is A World Record Holder No More

Unless you count most consecutive days wearing a gold bra-kini of sorts, Kat Von D is nokat-oliver.jpg longer a Guinness World Record holder. Her record of 400 tatoos in 24 hours was shattered this weekend, and by none other than her ex-husband Oliver Peck. Yes, that is right, Peck did 415 customers during his annual Friday The 13th marathon from midnight Thursday to midnight Friday.

Remember this video we dug up with Kat talking about that? And now, Oliver holds the record, based on Kat’s track record, we can expect either a congratulatory autograph of some sort to turn up at Ollie’s, or that she takes another stab at the record, gold bra-kini and all, before long. Either way, I think it is safe to say we have not heard the end of this……..

***Update – Kat has given her thoughts on Myspace and acknowledges losing the record.  Check that out via this link…. 

Kat Sports A New Look At Bravo Awards


It has been awhile since we tracked down Kat and see what she is up to, and it looks like more of the same, getting photographed somewhere. But this time at least, she is not wearing that horrid yellow bikini top, and even got a haircut! These shots were taken at the recent Bravo A-List Awards.

What do you think of Kat’s new look?

More pics after the jump….

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Miami Ink Calls It Quits, Ami Vows Never To Work With TLC Again


After nearly three full years of Reality Ink in Miami. The “stars” of the hit reality TV show are calling it quits. There is some great insight as to why the series is coming to a close, some of which was speculated about here as well. I will post some quotes and comment on them below….

Ami James said Monday he and co-star Chris Nuà±ez declined to extend Discovery Communications’ option to order more episodes of the TLC show. James said that move effectively ended their contracts with the cable conglomerate, and that no talks are under way to shoot more episodes of their life as South Beach tattoo artists.

”It’s done. It’s over,” James said by telephone from the Washington Avenue tattoo studio he and Nuà±ez own.

Early on in the interview, we see Ami using a pretty harsh tone, he is not happy with this…

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Kat & Nikki Sixx At The Covenant House Gala


Proving all the critics wrong, Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx are still together after all these months weeks. Want proof? Well we have it, sorta. Above is a picture of the two this week at the Covenant House California’s 9th annual Awards Gala held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The highlight of the evening was a check presentation of $250,000 to Covenant House by honoree Nikki Sixx. Sixx is donating a portion of proceeds from his New York Times best-selling book The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star to benefit Running Wild In The Night, a creative arts program he created for Covenant House California at their youth shelters in Los Angeles and Oakland.

Ami James Takes Our Advice, Finally


So I just noticed that Ami James of Miami Ink has finally decided that his old horrible website is in need of a remodel. You may remember this post where I talked about just how bad the old site was, and apparently it is not dead, at least not yet. (even it looks a tad bit better)

But the new site is quite sharp actually, only problem is there is really nothing on it but a store. So if you wanna buy one of Ami’s shirts, go to the new website. Otherwise, just like all the reality tattooers, you gotta hit up his myspace for anything remotely personal.