Pixie Has A New Job…


We all know about the big falling out Pixie had with the L.A. Ink crew last season, and I think alot of us thought she would return. Well, maybe not after all, as Pixie has a new gig, and her new employer is taking advantage of her now celebrity name.

Check out this video for the L.A. based Tattoo & Piercing shop, Velvet Grip.

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Kat Von D – Bizarre Magazine Cover Girl – Interview


Kat recently did a cover shoot and interview for the UK magazine Bizarre. I cannot say I would ever have a desire to pick this up, so check out a few excerpts from the interview right here….

Bizarre – You have almost ten tattoos of your recent ex, Orbie’s name. Are you going to cover them up or change them?

Kat – Change them to Morbid’, duh. No, I I’ll keep them. My first tattoo was an Olde English J’ on my ankle for my first love, James, and I’d never cover that shit up. I have lots of people’s names on me and it’s not so much like, “Oh, I’m gonna regret my ex-husband’s name on my neck,” it’s more like a time in my life that I don’t regret. I don’t regret my divorce either. I’ll rock it forever.

Bizarre – (Margera) told me a story about you throwing glasses at Metal Skool [Local LA faux-hair metal band that plays The Viper].
Kat – Yeah, he always puts that in my face and it pisses me off because it’s not like he hasn’t pissed on the floor when he’s sleeping at my house. God! I was drunk and I used to drink a lot of vodka and at the time I was married and was working out and had lost a lot of weight and I’d be drinking full glasses of vodka. Just pound them and throw them into the crowd from the mezzanine. One time I threw a glass into the crowd and my wedding ring flew into the crowd. My husband was on Warped Tour for two months and told myself I had 2 months to buy a new wedding ring but I procrastinated and never got one and got busted.

It gets worse…..only read on if you don’t mind some crap language.

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Miami Ink Season 4 Begins Tomorrow Night


We get a brand new episode of Miami Ink tomorrow night on TLC as season 4 begins. The new episode is titled “Make Or Break”. Here is the official episode preview from TLC…..

Things are in chaos at Miami Ink. To put things back on track, Ami gets onboard with Nunez’s plan for a new shop, and Darren’s surprise return from an extended trip to help out family adds to the good vibe.

I’m looking forward to some new episodes of Miami, and to seeing more of Tim Hendricks.

Kat Von D On MAD TV

This is actually very funny, check out the clip of Kat Von D guesting in the skit called “Bobby Lee’s Wing Woman….”

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The Reason Kat Broke The Guinness World Record

I know what you are thinking, Kat breaking the record is old news right? Yeah, I guess it sorta is, however, I did just run across an interesting video of Kat talking about having several #13’s tattooed on her. In the (old) video she references that her (at the time) husband Oliver is the current world record holder for most tattoos in a day.

Hmmm, really? Maybe I am just a bad Kat Von D fan and everyone else already knows this, even so it could just be another piece of slime Kat has in her closet.

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Kat Designs Limited Edition Skateboards


As if Kat Von D was not busy enough creating makeup colors called “orbi” and “writing” books, or landing roles in horror flicks, she apparently also has time to do some artwork as well. And don’t worry, it is not tattooing, that is apparently just for the L.A. Ink cameras.

No, this is for the skateboard company Element, and you can see the boards in the picture above. They were done in collaboration with Bam Margera, a jackass that does not hate Kat.

L.A. Ink Mural By Factory 311


Pretty cool mural done by Factory 311 featuring the crew from L.A. Ink. Looks like Ludwig has replaced Pixie……

Kat To Fans : Name My Book!


Remember back when you told you that Kat Von D was writing a book? Well it appears to be true, sorta. Here is what Kat recently had to say about the making of the book. Kat checks in on dear diary myspace with the details.

This book is in no way a biography or anything… I know it seems like everyone and their mothers have been coming out with biographies lately and I for one think I have a little bit of living and learning left to do before I am in any way ready for a book like that!

My book can be best described as a pictorial timeline of my life thus far as an artist.

And even though this is not a literay expedition by any strech, ole Kat has a severe case of writers block!

After all is said and done, the hardest part of this book will be coming up with a goddamn title!! AAAHhhhhh! I think ANYTHING but the words “Kat Von D” would make a cool title…

what do you guys think?
any ideas?

I thought maybe the words: “The World of High Voltage Tattooing”, or maybe “Tattoo Your Soul” in Old English would look cool on the cover of a book… but I don’t know…

I am all out of ideas, but please do not name it Tattoo Your Soul, please!

Kat Lands Role In Horror Movie


Yes, this bizzarre headline is indeed true. As if the small screen was not enough for Kat, she will be hitting the big screen as well, or at least that is the reports flying around this week. Kat is supposed to have a role in the upcoming horror flick, The Bleeding Cast. Movie Web reports the following...

Vinnie Jones, Michael Matthias, Michael Madsen, DMX and Armand Assante are set to star in The Bleeding, a horror actioner from Indifferent Entertainment.

Charles Picerni will direct from Lance Lane’s script. Shooting begins next month in North Carolina.

According to Variety, the story centers on an ex-Army Ranger searching for the killer of his parents who discovers a family of vampires in a former chemical weapons factory-turned-nightclub.

Also cast in the film are William McNamara, Pittsburgh Slim, Rachelle Leah and Kat Von D.

This is where we all joke about L.A. Ink being a horror movie already, well, leave it in the comments!