Orbi Calls Kat Von D A Psychopath


Our favorite Kat-ex, Orbi, has been busy lately, on MySpace of course, airing out his feelings to everyone in the world that takes the time to read them. And has some choice words about the breakup between himself and Kat Von D. Here are a few interesting tidbits from his entry, view the entire thing here…..

hello everyone… this is an exert from a letter i mailed to my friend sarah…

the only way i can look at her is like kaklinski, ” the ice man” .. that assassin guy that has no feelings on the bio channel… and that she is like a parrot with no brain or emotion… repeating the same thing about love to every guy she meets,” its never been like this, we are soulmates, i love you more than anyone ever, this time is different” and so on..

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Miami Ink Discovery Real Time Trailer

I had not seen this before, but here is the promo commercial our friends across the pond in the UK see promoting Miami Ink on Discovery Real Time.

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Kat Von D & Ludwig For Paw Print Magazine

Oh boy, it looks like Kat is getting photographed again. But this time it’s with her cat,kat-cat.jpg Ludwig for Paw Print Magazine. Check out this video where photographer Christopher Ameruoso gushes over Kat and her cat and takes pictures. The interview segment is close to unwatchable though, I must warn you……

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/KswzCDVKmRE" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Chris has photographed loads of other celebs with their pets, check more of those shots out here…..

Pixie Leaving L.A. Ink


Looks like Kat has burned yet another bridge. Or maybe this one was burnt down for her. Pixie Acia appears to be leaving High Voltage Hollywood, like for real. Kat lays things out on Myspace this week, and warns of this weeks episode where it all goes down. The official episode is titled “The Worst Day Ever” and here is the description….

When the artists get fed up with Pixie’s bad work habits, the fireworks fly forcing Kat to make a tough decision about Pixie’s future as shop manager.As things quickly spiral out of control, Kat tries her best to keep the arguing away from the clients.

The episode airs tomorrow night at 10pm ET on TLC.


Read some excerpts from Kat’s myspace post after the jump…..

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Kat Von D + Nikki Sixx = Train Wreck


I had a few jokes set aside for this post regarding Kat’s new love, Nikki Sixx, but man, its just too easy isn’t it? Kat has sunk to a new low, and I don’t think she will find a way out anytime soon. I know she is a huge Motley Crue fan (i.e. her facial star ink) so this relationship may have started off as a groupie type situation that got real. But, what is real for Kat? She shows her immaturity on a regular basis, and now has gone on the record about her relationship with Nikki Sixx.

Kat posted that Nikki “Owns My Heart” along with the above photo, once again on Myspace, while Sixx posted a different photo with his own caption, “MY OTHER HALF, I LOVE THIS WOMAN….,”

Mmmkay guys, lets look at the details here and see if we can determine the results, shall we?

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Kat Von D Says Miami Ink Is Cancelled

TMZ breaks the news with this video of Kat dishing some Miami Ink dirt. Bitter much Kat?

You gotta love how she just hesitates and then says that Miami Ink is cancelled. Oh Katharine, just get over it will you? katv.jpg The best part of this whole thing though, is that TMZ calls up TLC and asks about Miami Ink. Love this quote….

Oh, really? That’ll be news to them: TMZ talked to TLC, and a rep says that the new season is slated to air in late spring/early summer, though they wouldn’t confirm or deny if that’ll be the end of the needle.

Kat Von D Unveils Makeup Line

I’ve always been a fan of makeup, I mean, I’ve worn it for so long.” – Kat Von Dkat1.jpg

That quote makes for the perfect pairing eh? Well, it appears that this one time dream has now come true, Kat Von D is teaming up with Sephora to unveil her very own makeup line. The Kat Von D line for Sephora comes out in Mid May. Available at sephora.com or any Sephora store.

And whatta-ya know, one of the colors is called “Orbi”, seriously it is. Wanna take that back now Kat? Oops, just like those Oliver tattoos, I think it is too late.

Images courtesy of Bellasugar

Check out this video interview and more pics after the jump….

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/iGSY8xbMbTM" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

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Pixie Acia Talks Cars with Driving.ca


(Pixie with a creepy fan pic from her Myspace page)

She can answer the phones, do makeup, flirt, roller skate, get her tatts removed and go on vacation with the best of them, but apparently Pixie Acia of L.A. Ink is also a big of a gearhead. Pixie was recently north of the border in Canada for the 42nd annual Auto Value Parts Stores World of Wheels and did an interview with The Calgary Herald.

In it, Pixie talks about her own car, her dream car, and her favorite episode of L.A. Ink so far. Check out the full interview here……

Kat To Sue Ami and Garver?

This is not getting any better for Kat Von D. In the wake of the anti-semitic controversy that we have already told you about, she recently did yet another quick interview and as asked about the photo. Her response in the video below mentions the possibility of this being a “federal offense, forgery.”

Planning a defamation suit Kat? It sure would make folks a bit more likely to believe your story if you did, and we may even find out the truth. The sad part is, this thing is far from over.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/JlnEmS8-ZVM" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Musink – Tattoo And Music Festival This Weekend


Kat Von D’s first ever Tattoo And Music Festival is this weekend. And we have all the details for you on Musink below, straight from Kat’s Myspace page. Check it out!

FRIDAY, Feb 22:
Doors open at 2pm to 11pm
Seminar on “Black and Grey Technique” by BOB TYRELL, starts at 2pm
Tattoo Contests start at 4pm


Doors open at NOON to 11pm
Seminar on “Machine Tuning Techniques” by TONY OLIVAS, Starts at 2pm
Tattoo Contests: 4pm


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